Lucas Miller

Lucas Miller is a contributing writer at Grit Daily. He is the founder and CEO of Echelon Copy LLC, a media relations agency based in Provo, Utah that helps brands improve visibility, enhance reputation and generate leads through authentic storytelling.

4 Hard-Hitting Statistics That Prove Overseas Talent Is Worth a C-Suite’s Consideration

Small-scale entrepreneurs learned long ago that they could save a great deal of money by outsourcing certain tasks to dedicated remote specialists—often in places like India or Eastern Europe. However, some larger companies have proven reticent to trust overseas talent. It’s one thing to fill an open position with a remote team, as a startup might do. It’s entirely another matter to move an entire department overseas, or replace current in-house employees with remote contractors—both common...

How This Subscription Startup Is Using AI to Build the Ideal Male Wardrobe

If you hadn’t heard, men’s fashion is hot right now. Companies as trendy as Fashion Nova are starting to create lines targeted at men who have a sense of style. Shows like Queer Eye are emphasizing the importance of dressing well. The fashionably-dressed man is having his day. But what about the man who either doesn’t have the time or doesn’t know what he’s doing? Many men feel incapable of taking the next step in fashion, or don’t know where to start. They’re lost when it comes to where to...

7 Lesser-Known (Yet Highly Effective) Tools for the Soon-to-Be ‘Solopreneur’

When we think of entrepreneurship, more often than not, we focus on teams who are building new SaaS software or crafting other tech advances. But in reality, many entrepreneurs aren’t found in this niche — instead, we find them working solo in food service and other areas that we use on a more day-to-day basis. These new, up-and-coming businesses can be found all across the country. For example, take my colleague Craig Biddle of Austin Tortilla Company. His company started with a simple...

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