Lori Hil

Lori Hil is a Contributor at Grit Daily. She lives abroad, capturing content, and sharing brand love. She mostly writes with a schnauzer on her lap and coffee close at hand from her base station in the Andes. She spends more time on Pinterest than anyone would care to admit and believes in the power of social media to change the world.

Ancient Sculptures Hidden In A Wall In Peru

Archaeological marvels are no stranger to Peruvian landscapes. Home of the famous Machu Picchu Inca Ruins designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983. And one of the few pre-Columbian ruins intact. Recently, as archaeologists were dusting away debris at the Chan Chan archaeological site another Peruvian secret was unearthed. Twenty ancient sculptures were discovered. One was destroyed with nineteen remaining estimated at 750-800 years old. Making this discovery the oldest found at...

Sesame Street’s Caroll Spinney, The Voice of Many Childhoods, Retires After 50 Years

It is a voice that has spoken to children everywhere for decades. Caroll Spinney, known as the voice of Big Bird on Sesame Street, is set to retire after nearly 50 years. Spinney has been the voice of Big Bird since Sesame Street debuted with their pilot episode in 1969. Aside from his kind demeanor as one of the world’s most beloved birds, Spinney has many other accomplishments. While not teaching children their 1,2,3s and A, B, Cs Spinney earned four honorary doctorates, gave passionate...

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