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Posts published by “Loralyn Mears PhD”

Dr. Loralyn Mears is a content marketer, founder of an edtech startup and a freelance columnist at Grit Daily covering women in tech, startups, founders,  investors, events - and even wine! She spent over a decade playing with mosquito DNA, got her PhD, decided she would rather market science than be at the bench and has never looked back. Along the way, she’s wined and dined her way around the globe. She's authored two books, including the 2018 Gold Medal Indie Book award-winning, One Sip At a Time: a Memoir and the hard science thriller, "The Battle for Humanity: How Science Saved Us."  Check out her LIKE A BOSS podcast which features fascinating guests with snappy insights. In her consultancy practice, she helps companies with their go-to-market strategies, content and more.

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