Lise Feng

Lise Feng is a Spotlight Columnist at Grit Daily. She is a millennial entrepreneur and brand strategist based in Silicon Valley. She has led Communications programs that contributed to six acquisitions totaling nearly $9 billion. She won the first-ever award for Communications Professional of the Year at RSA Conference 2015. She covers the startup ecosystem.

Only 5% of Startups Get Venture Funding and This Venture Capitalist Wants to Change That By Writing Checks

An astoundingly small half a percent of startups secure venture capital money because they fail to convince VCs they can scale fast enough. With the bulk of startups hitting the cutting room floor, there’s a very real possibility that many gems are hiding in the scrapped deals pile. Grit Daily spoke with Elizabeth Yin, who recently co-founded Hustle Fund to write early stage startups their first check, after years of building her own companies and mentoring entrepreneurs from across the...

This Woman is Helping Seasoned Workers Ditch the W2 — or Keep It

If you’re like 1 in 6 workers, you’re interested in transitioning into the gig economy. But what if you want the benefits of freelancing without the sky high insurance premiums, back office administration, and other drawbacks of self-employment? For marketers and project managers who want work style flexibility without sacrificing corporate benefits – meet Simplicity Consulting, founded by former Microsoft sales director Lisa Hufford.   Hufford shares with Grit Daily her journey...

This woman is using her big tech background to give stuck candidates “a fair shake”

As millions of highly skilled Americans exit corporate life for the freedom and fulfillment of starting their own ventures, they are accelerating the American workforce’s shift to 33% self-employment by 2020 and creating value on their own terms.  Grit Daily spoke with Lauren Cooney, a former Senior Director at Cisco, on taking the 1099 gamble and finding joy in Spark Labs’ mission of coaching candidates through career barriers. Lauren shared her transition from corporate life, her...

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