Lana Pozhidaeva

Lana Pozhidaeva is a Columnist at Grit Daily. Lana is also the Founder of WE Talks, a NYC-based monthly event series for female entrepreneurs and professionals. “WE” stands for Women’s Empowerment, Encouragement, and Entrepreneurship. WE Talks is one of NYC’s fastest growing professional communities (monthly growth exceeding 50%) with 300+ women attending its latest gatherings.

Ash Mishal’s “Ultra Leadership Method” shows you it’s all in your mind and corporate execs are loving it

Ashmoret “Ash” Mishal is an Ultra-Marathon champion and a serial entrepreneur. For most, topping the charts in any sport would be enough to satisfy a lifetime. But Ash wasn’t having it. She dedicated the past eight years of her life to teaching business leaders how physical challenges and perceived limitations can be transferred into success in business. Curious, Grit Daily sat down with Ash to learn more about her own methods and what went into bridging what she learned from sports and...

Two acquisitions in, Galia Benartzi aims to “remake money” at her third start up

Technology is something humans “invent” as a tool to better serve us. Money is technology. So why not remake money? Or at least that’s the thinking behind Bancor and cofounder Galia Benartzi, who’s had her own fascinating career shuttling between Israel and Silicon Valley. In that time she built and sold off two start ups herself. “I was just solving problems,” she quipped. Some of us can hardly solve making a bed in the morning. Grit Daily caught up with...

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