Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. He is also a rapper on adventure and recently left Koreatown, L.A. to live in Tel Aviv-Yafo Israel. He has a TedX called Freestyle Rap Saved My Life and a newly launched podcast called "Hustle Beach." You can follow him on Twitter @koshadillz.

SXSW Music: It Would Be a Mistake to Miss These 10 Acts

I am super excited to say that I’ll return to perform at SXSW again, and I get all kinds of great buzz from it which is exciting, too. But let me tell you about all the artists I am excited to see myself (and it’s a high bar) — that will completely blow your mind. Now they are all over the place, but to get a grit is to get a grip and that is why we are here, too. This is my gazillionth year at SXSW (you can see my live show here), but the biggest joy for me besides curating...

With Sundance Film Festival 2020 Approaching, Here’s 6 Great Coffee Shops in Park City You Need to Visit

The 2020 season for Sundance Film Festival is rapidly approaching, and now is the time for everyone to come along and grab what they really need for epic meetings, big deals, and maybe the normalcy of the week. That’s right guys, I am writing to you about the brown fuel we guzzle every day: Coffee! You need a place to work outside the press area and all the free lines?  These six places might be the next ones to warm you up of a world in between films and...

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