Kiley Krzyzek

Kiley Krzyzek is a contributing writer at Grit Daily. She covers all things relating to the fashion and entertainment industries. Kiley's writing career started when she wrote her first blog at age 11. Since then she's covered fashion shows and interviewed celebrities for various publications. Follow her on Instagram @SubwayStyled.

Trellis raises $2 million to assist lawyers through AI

Meet Nicole Clark, an attorney, CEO, entrepreneur, and the woman powerhouse behind Trellis, a law research company based in LA that aims to help inform lawyers using data about past cases. Trellis recently raised $2 million in funding to predict class-action lawsuit payouts. The platform uses advanced AI and machine-learning technology to assist lawyers with information such as the judge’s history, which Clark noticed was needed in the industry. “Practicing made the need for Trellis...

Event Industry Looks to “Integrity” for the Greater Good

Integrity is a trait that should be required in business and especially by leaders because it demands truthfulness and honesty. It takes real work — or grit — if you will. In the event industry, integrity is crucial because these are live events that cannot be pushed back like an arbitrary deadline or quota. The people are coming. The caterer, photographer, and DJ all must show up on time to deliver on the event everyone bought into. Hiring requires a certain level of trust and we...

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