Kevin Pflug

Kevin Pflug is a News Columnist at Grit Daily. He writes about financial markets, legal affairs, and metaphysical matters. With a background in finance and law, Kevin enjoys studying how financial and legal structures can be used to create a better world. Apart from brief stints in Baltimore and Belgium, Kevin is a lifelong resident of New Jersey.

The Silver Lining for Startups in Ray Dalio’s Call for Financial Collapse

Ray Dalio is a chill billionaire. The son of a jazz musician, he recently told an interviewer with Bloomberg that teaching someone transcendental meditation is the greatest gift he could give someone. Perhaps it is his meditation practice that helps puts him in tune with the movements of the markets. One of the most successful hedge-fund mangers in the world, Dalio has amassed a fortune of more than $18 billion. Part of those riches stem from the fact that in 2007 he predicted that the world...

Quartz Turned a Moot Point About Clean Energy Into Tinder for Millennials and Gen Z

There’s a conspiracy theory out there that the mainstream media exists to create false controversies to divide and conquer the commoners (that’s you) against each other, thus thwarting any real progress from occurring and allowing the elites to continue to rape and pillage the planet as they see fit. Whether or not you believe in conspiracy theories like that one (or this one), Quartz recently published an article about American’s willingness to pay for clean energy that nicely illustrates the...

Proposed “Big Pharma” Opioid Settlement Is a Drop in The Bucket Compared to Its Real Cost

Earlier this month, a group of five pharmaceutical companies offered $48 billion in cash and medical services to settle thousands of legal suits filed by state, county, and local governments to recover their costs in dealing with the opioid crisis. But a report released by the Society of Actuaries reveals that the true economic costs of the opioid crisis are significantly greater than the proposed settlement that the drug companies have offered. In fact, the report estimates that in 2019 alone...

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