Jordan French

Jordan French is the Founder and Executive Editor of Grit Daily. An award-winning journalist, he is on the editorial staff at and a Fast 50 and Inc. 500-ranked entrepreneur. He is the founder of Notability Partners and the co-founder of BNB Shield, Lisbon Hill Farms, Status Labs, BeeHex, BlockTelegraph, and Grit Daily. A biomedical engineer and intellectual-property attorney, French is the author of upcoming book, The Gritty Entrepreneur.

Latest Research Shows That YouTube Might Be Better for Influencer Marketing Than Instagram

It’s hard to avoid Instagram these days. When it felt like Snapchat had stolen Gen Z kids away, “The Gram” just added similar functionality. The numbers support its increasing relevance, too. Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, their growth has been astounding, with over 1 billion users by June of 2018 and with $14.5 million in sponsored posts, it’s also a billion-dollar industry. Consequently, it’s become an incredible vehicle for influencers, especially for the entrepreneurial...

Social Media, TV, and Beckham: Where Should Enterprise Put Its World Cup Ad Spend?

You’d better have Beckham if you want people to buy. That is one of the findings from Instart and its 2018 World Cup Ad Performance Study. The web-experience company surveyed more than 1,000 adults living in the U.S. and United Kingdom to draw comparisons on how fans in each country feel about the World Cup, how they’re watching it, and how World Cup advertising is impacting their behavior. Good data on ad spend efficiency is scarce and this is the rare, data-rich set worth illuminating. As to...

Singapore Billionaire Serguei Beloussov Dishes on Bill Gates, Singapore’s Early Days and the Modern Science of Software

The “Billy Bean of Data” and the “Bill Gates of Singapore,” serial entrepreneur Serguei Beloussov goes by many names. But how has his company married cyber protection to motor sports? Jordan French: We’re back again. This is Jordan French. I’m here with Serguei Beloussov, known in some circles as the Bill Gates of Singapore. He goes by many names. Serguei, thanks for joining us. Serguei Beloussov: Yes, thank you but I don’t like to be known as the Bill Gates of anything. I...

This Former Microsoft Exec 10x’d Revenues. At Acronis, He is Doing it Again.

In this one-on-one interview with Acronis President, John Zanni we uncover how he mushroomed revenues at Microsoft’s hosting division with a business strategy now commonly known as SaaS–or software-as-a-service. He’s looking to 10x revenues again, now at cyber protection giant, Acronis. John Zanni: I’m John Zanni. I’m the president of Acronis and also the president of the Acronis Foundation. Jordan French: Great. So John, you and I, we have gotten to know each other a bit. You had a...

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