Jonathan Frenkel

Jonathan "Yoni" Frenkel is a Columnist at Grit Daily. Based in New York, Yoni shares news, impactful ideas and event opportunities in the New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Tel Aviv tech ecosystems.

Europe looks East to “Startup Nation” Israel for brand, tech growth

In years past I would visit Israel once, sometimes even twice a year. With the pressures of building an agency and New York City life in general, my travel schedule to the Startup Nation became more infrequent. Recently, I had an opportunity to visit Israel at the end of last month for some client work. It was a chance to work with the locals and see the business environment as well as catch up with friends and family. I am always surprised anew when I visit; below are five observations from...

TechDay: New York City’s tech melting pot

TechDay, the original tech expo, was held last week at the Jacob Javits Convention Center on the west side of Manhattan. It is a testament to the growth of the New York technology ecosystem that the expo moved from its previous location at Pier 94 to the largest conference venue in the city. While there are many tech-related conferences in New York on a weekly basis and a  variety of demo days, meetups, and happy hours, TechDay has been the only event experience so far to successfully gather...

Austin’s SXSW is an exercise in brand experience

SXSW, which took place in Austin earlier this month, saw its usual variety of technology, music, and entertainment, as well as a significant number of Presidential candidates. A lot has changed since the indie music festival began in the 1980s, but the festival, particularly Interactive has picked up steam over the course of the last decade, cementing itself as the launch festival of major tech companies including Twitter and Foursquare. While there have been notable examples of product...

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