Jeff Wren

Jeff Wren is a Contributor at GritDaily News. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 2018. He currently works at LexisNexis as a Solutions Consultant. He has worked in criminal defense, landlord tenant, real property, copyright, and trademark law. He plans on practicing law on the side specializing in criminal defense and eventually patent law.

Putting His Way Through History: The Comeback of Tiger Woods

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. —Thomas A. Edison With every fall, there is a rise. This principle may seem too generic, or even over-simplified, but its veracity is universal. No matter who you are, or where you come from, giving up is something we all have pondered. No matter how successful we may be, the idea of never succeeding or improving ourselves ever again is a toxic idea haunting even the most...

Why ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ Is Hollywood’s Biggest Scandal To Date

Most of us are familiar with the classic sports movie, Varsity Blues, which turned 20 years old this year. The film taught viewers the meaning of hard work and perseverance. In the film, Jonathan Moxon, a small-town football player, seeks to live out his dream of playing football for an Ivy League college. “The hard work of so many, sacrificed by the disrespect of a few” –Bud Kilmer, Varsity Blues ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ Unfortunately, with the recent national...

Why The American Dream Needs to Come Back to Reality In Our School System

It is no secret that thousands of students across the nation have a student loan to some degree. The New American Dream: Colossal Debt? The rising cost of higher education worsens every year, while the number of students committing to an unbearable amount of debt is not improving. The unfortunate reality of achieving the American dream has a darker realization—our school systems have convinced our youth that the only way to achieve the “American Dream” is to go to college and incur a colossal...

3 Ways You Can Have Fun On Your Spring Break Travels While Staying Safe

As March is now coming to an end, college students across America are returning home from their spring break vacations. Spring break is a time to relax, unwind, party with your life-long friends, and travel to new and exciting places. Yet, while the idea of traveling certainly is eventful, traveling abroad is something far more valuable than most college students realize. Why? They almost never think about it, especially when it comes to their own safety and well-being. So, how can you still...

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