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Innovation & Tech Today is a national magazine showcasing the latest cutting edge, innovative technologies and those individuals driving the industry forward. Every quarter our experts and writers aim to find fascinating stories, products, and people across a variety of industries that we can feature in our magazine, and while we often focus on education, STEM, wearables, smart home technology, business, and sustainability, those are ultimately just a few of the many areas we cover. No matter where the innovation is happening, we’ll be there capturing it all.

Is China Launching an Artificial Moon?

In recent years, there have been a number of fascinating innovations. But few are as interesting as a new development coming out of China. According to some reports, the country might be planning to launch an artificial moon. Why on Earth (no pun intended) would they do that? Let’s find out.   [embedded content]   The post Is China Launching an Artificial Moon? appeared first on Innovation & Tech Today.

Zoox Set to Have Autonomous Cars on the Road by 2020

Silicon Valley companies have two basic operating modes. The first, most common one is the perpetual hype machine. In the automotive space, Tesla is the best representative of the genre. Constant tweets and rampant speculation by fanboy followers and strident shortsellers feed an active microsystem orbiting around every action – or speculated action – of the company or its peripatetic CEO Elon Musk. Many other companies try to go down this road, hoping attention will equate to a spike in...

Brikawood’s Lego-like Wooden Bricks Could Revolutionize Construction

In Europe, people can now build their own houses out of Lego-like wooden bricks. This could be a major innovation in sustainable building, creating affordable and versatile building materials. We take a deeper look into Brickawood, the company behind this new technology. Check out Brikawood for more information on these incredible housing innovations. [embedded content] The post How Lego-like Wooden Bricks Are Revolutionizing Construction appeared first on Innovation & Tech...

GEIO Gaming Robot review: Inno & Tech Today takes it for a spin

Allow us to introduce the GEIO Gaming Robot by GJS ROBOT. With an intelligent visual recognition system, augmented-reality gaming, and multiple gameplays, the GEIO is one of the most sophisticated gaming robots we have come across. We had the opportunity to talk with GJS ROBOT’s Public Relations Manager Sarah Li. She showed us what GEIO is capable of and how it works. [embedded content] The post GEIO Gaming Robot Review: Taking it for a Spin appeared first on Innovation & Tech...

Matt Kepnes’ (AKA Nomadic Matt) Guide to Traveling Abroad

Taking part in an adventure doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. Or at least that’s the message of prolific travel blogger Matthew Kepnes. Better known to his followers as Nomadic Matt, Kepnes operates the world’s most popular travel blog. His New York Times bestselling book How to Travel the World on $50 A Day, now in its third edition, continues to inspire and motivate would-be adventurers with the lure of affordable and approachable travel. How do you prepare for a trip to a place you...

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