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Innovation & Tech Today is a national magazine showcasing the latest cutting edge, innovative technologies and those individuals driving the industry forward. Every quarter our experts and writers aim to find fascinating stories, products, and people across a variety of industries that we can feature in our magazine, and while we often focus on education, STEM, wearables, smart home technology, business, and sustainability, those are ultimately just a few of the many areas we cover. No matter where the innovation is happening, we’ll be there capturing it all.

Deepfakes: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Don’t trust everything you read – or see – on the internet. Deepfakes, a way of superimposing images onto other videos, are getting so sophisticated that soon, you might not be able to believe every video you see on the internet. Just how advanced are deepfakes getting? Check out the video below to find out! [embedded content] The post Deepfakes: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes appeared first on Innovation & Tech Today.

Automation sets its sights on agriculture, with “civilization” hanging in the balance

Arguably, the most vital science known to civilization is that of agriculture. Even at its most primitive stages, society could not exist without a source of food for those in it. Likewise, cultures with the most accessibility to food historically tend to be the most prosperous. Given this plight, farming has always been a key area for the focus of scientific advancement, from Roman aqueducts to horse-driven plows. The high-tech 21st century is no exception, and moreover poses an unparalleled...

Dr. Mario World: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Like most of us “kids” in our late 20s, I’m a huge fan of all things Nintendo. I’ve got a Nintendo Switch, copious amounts of Mario and Pokemon memorabilia, and a dwindling amount of friends. This love of Nintendo has seen the heights of the N64 and the Wii, the depressing lows of the Wii U, and the current cash avalanche of the Switch. And, along the way, I’ve seen the company aspire to make even more money with their foray into mobile games such as Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem...

The cast of Sy Fy channel’s “Krypton” expands on Superman mythology

While there are thousands upon thousands of DC comic books featuring Superman, the backstory of the Man of Steel remains untapped territory. So while Superman (also known by his birthname Kal-El) continues to fight for truth, justice, and the American way in Warner Bros.’ Justice League and standalone movies, the stories of his grandparents and the elders of his now-destroyed home planet are explored in the Syfy TV show Krypton. Origins The show, which debuted in March 2018 was created by...

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