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LinkedIn is starting to court pro athletes and fans are loving it

Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat: Those are the social media networks that come to mind when you think of professional athletes. The one network you don’t think of is LinkedIn, and that’s why I was shocked when I got a message one evening on LinkedIn from Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and founder of CHARG1NG, Braxton Miller. […]

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Diana House on how to be a “Chief Financial Entrepreneur”

It’s time to do the scary thing. According to Diana House, the number one problem most entrepreneurs suffer from is not looking at their finances. Pull off the band-aid, because if you don’t know what’s going on, you can’t improve it — you might even find undiscovered profit possibilities, and everyone likes free money! The first step is obvious — look […]

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Snow founder Joshua Elizetxe talks scarcity and going “all in” with Dollar Beard’s Alex Brown

One of the more successful and humble eCommerce Rockstars I have ever met in my life is known best as the Founder of Snow, the leading teeth whitening system in the world. At just 26 years old, Joshua Elizetxe has the maturity and success behind him that someone decades older could dream to achieve. Endorsements and partnerships […]

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Smart contracts take a stab at simplifying sports agreements

Contracts in professional sports are a messy business. These agreements often extend beyond a player’s salary by including terms for bonuses, sponsorship arrangements, and even off-field conduct. While elite athletes tend to earn enviable paychecks, they face contractual obligations at every turn. Today, we’ll explore how smart contracts can help simplify things. Traditional Contract Pitfalls […]

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