Ike Morgan

Ike (Issac) Morgan is a Columnist at Grit Daily. A 2009 graduate of Florida A&M University's School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, Issac Morgan wears many hats as a freelance journalist with published clips in numerous notable media outlets such as Sheen magazine, The Jasmine Brand, Blackdoctor.org and Celebrity Net Worth. He has provided exclusive coverage on celebrity/public figures featured in many top publications for print and online platforms. Morgan is also a media relations/publicity consultant, delivering consistent media coverage and placement for a diverse clientele in entertainment, fitness, fashion and for nonprofits. His most recognizable publicity efforts have been for Christopher "Play" Martin of Kid 'n Play where he established press coverage for his forthcoming documentary film "AndiDanced." Mr. Morgan gives insight into pop culture, entertainment, and politics.

How Black Women Empowerment Spurred Executive Producer Tamra Simmons’ Lifetime Docuseries ‘Surviving R. Kelly’

During an era of hope for survivors of sexual assault and harassment, the #MeToo movement continues to make waves. At the forefront of this movement, high-profile figures are being exposed at an all-time high for sexual misconduct cases. Previously reported at Grit Daily, we examined R. Kelly’s infamous CBS interview with Gayle King regarding his ongoing sexual abuse claims. In the interview, Kelly seemed to play the victim when King drilled him with tough questions related to past...

The Rise Of Afrobeats In America: Demi Grace Becomes First Universal Music Group Nigeria Artist

You can’t quite put your finger on it nor can you ignore its unique sound. Often described as a fusion of “polyrhythmic” pop with hip hop, R&B and electronic, the Afrobeats buzz originating in Nigeria has made its way to the U.S. in full force, with Davido as its global ambassador since the release of his “Fall” single that continues to rise on the Billboard Hip-Hop and R&B Airplay charts. The Nigerian star was even shocked by its success because he...

Could This Be The Resurrection of Black Television Programming? ‘Black News Channel’ to Launch in November

When it comes to content designed for an African American audience, there are few media outlets that focus its efforts on fulfilling this mission. Come November, ‘Black News Channel’ (BNC) will launch, providing its African-American audience with 24/7 news coverage. BET Network BET used to be well-known for its black programming, with regular scheduled reruns of some of our favorite black classics like Love Jones and Baby Boy, among others. In addition to popular black films and...

R. Kelly’s CBS Interview Offers A Lesson In Psychology On The Dangers Of ‘Playing the Victim’

Even if you’re only familiar with “I Believe I Can Fly” — Robert “R.” Kelly’s smash hit that launched his career — his sexual abuse allegations stemming from a rumored sex tape in the past with an underage girl probably rings a bell. Unfortunately, Kelly, who recently broke his silence in an unexpected interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons instead for his artistry as the king of...

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