Gene Swank

Gene is a Columnist at Grit Daily. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been responsible for successful ventures in the manufacturing, technology, fashion, real estate & education verticals.
Gene is a co-founder and Managing Director at Propellant Labs, an online incubator for startups. As the Managing Director, Gene lead the charge to scale the portfolio of companies to 60 outstanding startups, with a combined valuation of over $100 million. Prior to his work as an entrepreneur, Gene spent 15 years as a software engineer in the high-tech industry where he led projects in aerospace,  telecommunications and is recognized as an early pioneer of WiMAX technology.

Michael Reagan Opens Up on His Father’s Legacy

Love him or hate him, Ronald Reagan left a lasting mark on the “American brand.” Grit Daily caught up with Michael Reagan, son of the 40th President of the United States of America, President Ronald Reagan. We got a glimpse into the life of the first family, the former President’s quirks and how the world views his legacy. Grit Daily: You father is arguably one of the most galvanizing United States Presidents in recent history. What was it like being the son of one of the...

Abby Frimpong, Neal Patrick Harris set sights on “celebrity challenges” with Duuple latest app

Challenges and prizes work. Just ask anyone who’s vied for the X-Prize — or any award for that matter. That same concept of a challenge and reward spawned “celebrity challenge” app, Duuple, which brings people, brands, and non-profits to solve user-generated challenges. It’s like a personalized X-Prize. And according to its founders who launched Duuple late last year, it’s working. Grit Daily sat down with Abby Frimpong co-founder and CEO at Duuple to talk...

“What You Wish You Knew When You First Started: 8 Founders Spill the Beans

Entrepreneurship is always filled with challenges. Yet, as a founder and CEO, the key is to rise above those challenges and not let them impact your ability to reach your goals. Throughout our entrepreneurial journey, we are constantly learning and evolving from our mistakes. I asked eight founders to imagine if they could go back in time, what would be one thing that they have learned along the way, that would be powerful to know when they first got started as an entrepreneur. Dominic Nguyen...


Alicia Williams is considered a highly respected voice in the marketing world. However, this wasn’t always the case. Alicia’s early days as a startup founder were not quite as glamorous as one might assume. Our very own Grit Daily columnist Gene Swank sat down with Alicia to discuss life as a female entrepreneur and the road to launching her first company —all at the young age of 21, while still living at home with her parents. Grit Daily: Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell us a little about how you got started?  Alicia Williams: I was always fascinated with the word Entrepreneur- I remember seeing it under someone’s name and just fixating on it- but at that time I had no idea what it meant…I was 10.  I...

Rhonda Vetere Let Us Pick Her Brain on Esteé Lauder and Grit & Grind. Here’s What’s Inside.

Rhonda Vetere isn’t your typical Fortune 500 executive. If she’s not busy in the boardroom, you may find her diving off cliffs or running half marathons in the icy New York City weather. Rhonda is a huge advocate for women in entrepreneurship and was the former Chief Information & Technology Officer for Esteé Lauder. Grit Daily columnist Gene Swank sat down with Rhonda to pick her brain about her new book, her adventures and her life as a top tech executive. Grit Daily: Thank you so much...

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