Esther Lancaster

Esther Lancaster is a Technology Columnist at Grit Daily News. For ten years she has focused on ethics in artificial intelligence and the upcoming merger of humans and A.I. Lancaster speaks globally at conferences, assisting with the development of tech predicated on ethical infrastructure.

AI is forcing us to rethink: What is human?

What makes us human? This is the fundamental question of artificial intelligence in the field of emerging technology.  The drive of AI is to de-code human-being and re-code it into machine intelligence. Deeply understanding what makes us work the way we do and delegating the mundane qualities of human existence into machines through automation. This is a process of radical expansion for society, where aspects of intelligence which simply do not serve, are seen and gone beyond, opening us to...

Music AI: The melody of a “brave new world”

The music industry has begun its flirtation with emerging tech. Through AI platforms such as, Amper Music, IBM Watson Beat,  Google Magenta’s NSynth Super and Spotify’s Creator Technology Research Lab, artificial intelligence is being used to co-produce albums, auto-populate sounds, create music and record lyrics. In 2017, musician Taryn Southern began using AI to compose entire albums. The experience enabled her to simplify the production process, effortlessly bridge gaps in creativity that...

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