Dan Connerty

Dan Connerty is a Columnist at Grit Daily. Based in downtown Toronto, He is the Senior Associate of Syrja & Associates Private Wealth Management, and Principal Director of Baseball Development Group – Canada’s top baseball training facility. From his wealth management role, Dan earned major media attention for his work, being featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, and Fit Small Business. Outside of his professions, Dan is a professional baseball player in the Intercounty Baseball League (Canada), where he plays for the Hamilton Cardinals.

AI turns ‘human’ recruitment on its head

Like most things in 2019, some of our old inundated business standards are being upgraded to a higher level efficiency and cultural propensity. One of these standards is hiring qualified talent, and understanding what truly makes some “qualified.” Or rather, asks: How can we limit biases in the process in order to get the best result? That is where Genevieve Jurvetson – co-founder and CMO of Fetcher –comes in, and why I believe her most recent talk at the 2019 Elevate tech conference was one...

How to face the moral dilemmas of leadership in the gig economy

Leadership in the gig economy is a very interesting dynamic, in that it is both fixed in it’s moral standing, while also fluid in its application and receptiveness. The reason for this? A true fluctuating mix of cultural ideologies, alongside a full-scale generational change within the workforce; something that hasn’t been seen since pre-baby boomers entered the workforce themselves. And what’s been the outcome of such a change? A vast ensemble of indifferent business leaders, with...

Travelling with AI is a lot more human than you think

The race for automation is present in almost all tangible industries currently. Some industries more than others, but the prevalent theory is ‘more efficient ventures will in turn become the most successful market processors’. That’s why travel is such a predicating medium. In an industry that added a combined $8.8 trillion to the global GDP in 2018, there’s a concrete negative connotation associated with all major airlines today. Talk to anyone, and it seems that most people have a ‘horror’...

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