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Cannabis & Tech Today is a quarterly publication specializing in technological advancements, business innovations, and popular culture pertaining to the marijuana industry. We are enhancing consumer awareness, reducing societal stigma, and fostering a culture of acceptance, responsibility, and inventiveness within the cannabis community.

How Cannabis Brands Can Capture Attention with Custom Packaging

There’s no denying that marijuana is a booming market. After Colorado legalized marijuana in 2014, 147 recreational dispensaries opened in the state that year – a number that grew to 509 by 2018. Six other states have since legalized recreational marijuana. In a word, business is booming. Within an industry facing such unprecedented growth, cannabis brands are met with big challenges when it comes to differentiation. Hundreds of new brands launch every year. High-profile personalities like...

Top 5 Cannabis Products for September 2019

From hemp oil and UV-protected sunglasses to the latest in vaping and cannabis-related journals, we highlight the latest products that you need to know about. White Fox Medicinals Able to reduce inflammation, disinfect wounds, calm the heart, and even provide release for physical tension, White Fox Medicinals’ product line provides a natural, multi-use experience. Utilizing a unique blend of terpenes, White Fox Medicinals’ products soothe and balance the body. Prices vary. Evolution HPS+ With...

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