Brian Solis

Brian Solis is Columnist at Grit Daily. His research and anthropological work explore disruptive technology’s impact on business, markets and society. He’s also a keynote speaker and an 8x best-selling author. His latest book, “Lifescale: How to Live a More Creative, Productive and Happy Life,” studies the dark side of digital lifestyles and how to take control.

Brian Solis: Fighting the Urge to Multitask Can Be Your Biggest Challenge (But a Necessary One)

To be an entrepreneur takes incredible determination, creativity grit and also a bit of luck. Having the great idea, might just be the easy part of entrepreneurship. Along the way, seasoned entrepreneurs will earn a variety of badges of honor across different disciplines that they may or may not realize were part of the journey, i.e. operations, HR, sales, finance, marketing, IT, etc. But, there’s a difference between wearing multiple hats and wearing yourself out via extraneous...

The Game of Thrones’ Hangover is a Blip on the Radar Compared to The Annual Cost of Digital Distraction

It’s predicted that millions of Americans will call in sick with a hangover from the final Game of Thrones episode, which, if you’re reading this later, aired on HBO Sunday, May 19. Quoting predictions from the Workforce Institute at Kronos, a recent piece in MarketWatch estimated that thanks to GOT’s 80-minute finale, “some 27.2 million workers will be late and distracted, costing $3.3 billion in lost productivity.” that 10.7 million will skip work completely. This compares to 17 million who...

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