Brandice Sills-Payne

Brandice Sills-Payne is a Columnist at Grit Daily. She is the Director of Experiential Marketing and Content at Fetcher. Based in Oakland, CA and has an extensive background in event production and digital media. She has a passion for bringing awareness to and speaking about LGBTQ, POC, and women’s inclusion and equality in the workplace. She loves fantasy novels and has a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Music from Loyola University New Orleans.

Brandice Sills-Payne: Outsourcing to AI is no shortcut to solving hiring bias ills

There are those who put in the hard work and those who scrutinize the hard work of others.   Technologies that apply AI to the field of hiring need both if they are to move forward in an effective and positive way. Human scrutiny is vital for companies that use AI when hiring. These new technologies need a human element critiquing the process if they are to realize their potential to level the hiring landscape.  Joy Buolamwini’s ability to identify and call out biases within algorithms is well...

Workplace bias isn’t going anywhere, any time soon

A recent poll conducted by Pew Research asked people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and political affiliations how they feel about race and ethnicity playing a part in hiring decisions and career advancement. The survey revealed that for most people it’s okay to talk about and promote diversity at work but prefer to let their qualifications drive career growth even if it means less diverse workplaces. The poll states that 75% of all people polled felt it was important for companies to...

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