Alicia Raeburn

Alicia Raeburn is a Former Contributor at GritDaily.

Startups are Mostly Led by White Men. One Company is Working to Change That.

As one of the most influential women in tech, Kathryn Finney began to notice a trend in the entrepreneurship world. Over time, Finney saw the same pattern emerging. Mainly, that there was a stark contrast in what startup founders looked like. Specifically, women of color were hugely underrepresented. In addition, when they were fundraising for their startups, women of color saw a shockingly disproportionate investment amount compared to their peers. Instead of waiting for this to change,...

Liquor Distilleries Have Been Ignoring Half the Population. One Woman Noticed and is Working to Change it.

The alcohol industry is known for many things. It promotes itself as a fun-loving atmosphere, catering to the celebration of life, spending time with the people we love, or as a part of activities and a lifestyle that we already enjoy. People are marketed to based on interests, sex, and the location in the world in which they live. However, the liquor industry’s marketing and targeting, specifically, remains strikingly absent of a large group of people.   The gap has mostly gone...

Changing the Workplace With Katie Burch: Motivating the Top 20% Instead of Policing the Other 80%

Start By Treating Top Performers Like Leaders   There’s a lot floating around these days about how to motivate the workforce, identify top performers, and what to do with them once you have labeled them as such. Katie Burch, the founding partner and principal architect of PlanNorth Architectural Co., has a new approach to the constant dilemma of how, exactly, to get the most out of your employees. Specifically, the top 20 of those employees.   Speaking at the TEDxBlinnCollege...

No More Brown Paper Bags: Kids Lunches Just Got a Lot More Fun

 Mealtimes can be one of the easiest places to cut down on waste. Takeout containers, plastic utensils, and throw away napkins are yet another way a disposable lifestyle is taking up precious space in the world’s landfills. As children do not normally have much of a say in what they bring for meals or the reason behind it, it is up to the parents to turn these moments in teachable ones. Teaching values regarding a low-waste lifestyle to young children does not have to be challenging. In fact,...

Getting Between Boroughs just Got Easier, Cheaper, and a Lot More Fun

In spite of the fact the boroughs border each other, you can spend huge swaths of time traveling between Brooklyn and Queens. Thankfully, resourceful private companies are slowly resolving this issue. Now, there is a new way to say “good bye” to the G train. After a stream of new ways to travel NYC — scooters, bike shares, electric bikes to name a few — Revel Transit is bringing electric mopeds to the streets. The Revel Story Born out of the brains of two coworkers turned business...

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