Adam Zuckerman

Adam Zuckerman is a Columnist at Grit Daily. He is the founder of Fosterly, an Eisenhower Fellow, an advisor to numerous startups, an angel investor, and former intrapranuer and VC at Discovery. He now consults for organizations, universities, and governments -- often with a sustainability and future facing technology impact focus -- around the world.

Union Kitchen Is Cooking Up The Future of Food Startups In DC

Tucked away upstairs in a renovated warehouse in Washington, DC’s North East Ivy City neighborhood, Cullen Gilchrist — CEO and co-founder of Union Kitchen — worked the room at Union Kitchen’s Meet the Makers event this past Sunday as many of the region’s hottest food startups showcased what they’ve been cooking. Open to the public, but also attended by investors, retailers, distributors, and corporate food innovation teams, it’s clear that Union Kitchen’s self-described “Food...

Your Genderless AI Voice Assistant Has Arrived

AI has been touted time and again as a groundbreaking tool to help overcome gender bias in society. Evolving yet again, head on over to YouTube to take a listen to Q, the first genderless voice AI. Q, created by Copenhagen Pride and Virtue Nordic, has a goal of ending gender bias in AI assistants. But, to what end? Is a genderless AI really necessary? It’s clear that AI is impacting our lives on a more frequent basis. Autocorrect, driving directions, and e-mail spam filters are examples of AI...

OnStar’s “Stolen Vehicle Slowdown” tech shows our “Anticlimactic” future

If you’ve been watching TV recently you might have seen OnStar’s “Anticlimactic” commercial, which shows a stolen vehicle in being pursued by police slowly come to a stop. A glimpse into the future, the police didn’t deploy road spikes to pop the stolen vehicles tires and the entire situation is safe and boring. In effect, a vehicle is reported stolen, the police use the vehicle’s GPS data to pinpoint its location, and then when police arrive behind the...

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