ArtistWorks is Here To Help You Master Your Instrument

Published on December 16, 2020

Ever wanted to learn to play an instrument but didn’t have the time or money for music lessons? You are in luck because now is just the perfect time for you to pick up that guitar, violin, or play those keys on that piano of your because ArtistWorks is here to help you check something else off your wish list.

ArtistWorks is a website that gives you access to music lessons with professional musicians. Yes, that’s right, no more instructors pretending and wasting your time and money and asking a friend of a friend and then that friend’s cousin. Your instructor will be there with you on time and has the credentials to prove it.

ArtistWorks is a video exchange learning platform that gives you access and communications with professional musicians to learn how to play an instrument of your choosing. ArtistWorks does work with your schedules and times zones, so you don’t have to worry about fitting this into your schedule because ArtistWorks has got you covered and will work that out with you.

Other than its high-quality lessons, there are other ways you can interact with your teacher and your classmates. You can upload a video of yourself playing your instrument and send it to your teacher via the site, and you will receive a personal response video from your teacher.

Your submission and your instructor’s response will be added to the video exchange library where you and all your classmates can learn from those interactions and interactions with other students/teammates and teachers.

You can learn by not only by your instructor but by listening to others too. ArtistWorks gives you direct feedback from teachers, so don’t worry; your instructors will be there with you every step of helping with learning to play your instrument.

Now is your time to dust off that old guitar of yours and hop on ArtistWorks and get your tune on. Users can save $80 on all 1-year plans with the code BETTER using this link.

Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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