Hollywood Is Ready to Take Pool Safety and Home Security Beyond the Boundaries of Conventional Design—You Should Too

Published on February 19, 2020

Grit Daily sat down with Jordan Goodman, the CEO and founder of Aquaview Fencing, who takes backyard/pool renovation and safety very seriously.

Growing up (or settling down), think back to your backyard. If you were lucky enough to have a pool, where was it situated? Was it in an open-area or enclosed by a fence of some sort?

And yes, that is DJ Khaled in front of a glass fence with Aquaview Fencing CEO, Jordan Goodman.

Today, as home renovation and backyard designs have continued to become increasingly more sophisticated, safety remains a major concern, especially with young children and/or pets running around. Which is why we are now seeing Hollywood’s finest partner up with home renovation/relocation companies.

Last year, we spoke with Dustin Black, the CEO and founder of Black Tie Moving, a Nashville-based relocation company, which has grown to become the fastest growing moving company in America. Oh, and utilizing the power of celebrity endorsement, Black’s business partner is none other than Rascal Flatt’s Gary LeVox.

When it comes to home renovation and relocation, security is the main concern, because we all can relate to that (hopefully) one-time horrific relocation story where you had to incur tens of thousands of dollars-worth of damage to furniture or artwork.

Well, diving out, all pun-intended to aquatics and summertime fun, security has a whole new meaning when we are talking about pools. Every day, about ten people die from “unintentional drowning,” according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Of these, two are children aged 14 or younger.

However, for children aged 1-4 years, drowning continues to be the leading cause of unintentional injury death. And if that doesn’t send chills up and down your spine, more than 60% of fatal drownings among children occur in swimming pools.

Location, location, location.

What are we to do with these numbers? I mean arguably you can change the location of the pool(s)…but that would be a costly expenditure.

Enclosure, enclosure, enclosure.

Aquaview Fencing glass fencing around a South Hampton property in New York

So, in 2020, how can we combine safety with trendy backyard/pool innovation? We spoke with Aquaview Fencing, a leader in architectural glass fencing. Its CEO, Jordan Goodman, has made it apparent that today, pushing the boundaries of conventional design along with safety integration is where property owners should be concentrating their efforts when it comes to renovating their pools.

Back in 2018, the company announced its partnership with the TLC Network and was featured on TLC’s series Make This Place Your Home. However, Goodman’s journey predates the aquatic realm, where he previously ran his own clothing manufacturing company, Lifestyle Apparel.

Even Hollywood’s Finest Want to Enclose Their Summertime Fun

Goodman excitingly shared that the company has been privileged to assist with many noteworthy residential installations, including, but not limited to DJ Khaled and Miami’s LIV nightclub owner, Dave Grutman, as well as SBE Entertainment Group’s Sam Nazarian in Los Angeles.

On the commercial side, Aquaview has provided installations for brands like The Channel Club in Long Island, New York, Fredonia Hotel, along with multiple Hilton and Marriott properties.

But what made a clothing manufacturer jump into property renovation?

“Growing up in Toronto, I watched my parents start their own business from scratch,” Goodman explained. “Their spirit truly ignited my drive to succeed and create a path of my own.”

Jordan Goodman, CEO and Founder of Aquaview Fencing

Grit Daily: Right, did you just wake up and realize…I want to jump ship and change industries?

Jordan Goodman: I recall I was having lunch at a friend’s house; we started talking about ways to baby proof his backyard for his newborn. After doing some research online, I eventually discovered there weren’t very many options for safety fences that were actually appealing. This sparked the main idea, and it took off from there.

GD: For the uninitiated, what are some of the trends right now in pool/backyard design?

JG: Property owners right now are looking for a low-maintenance, aesthetic, durable design for their backyard. Glass pool fences are quickly becoming popular because they fulfill all of those needs.

GD: How so?

JG: We get a lot of requests from people wanting to replace their traditional metal fences with a glass fence. People are now realizing that glass fencing is the perfect alternative, and it raises property value. Aquaview’s glass pool fences require very little maintenance and are built with the highest quality materials that will last a lifetime.

GD: From a strategic operations standpoint, how do you approach your residential and commercial clients differently?

JG: Our overall goal is to provide exceptional customer service and ensure everyone is satisfied with their glass pool fence and glass railing, whether large or small. We help residential clients design a custom layout that best fits their project needs.

With regards to commercial clients, many times they provide architectural plans in advance, specifying Aquaview products. We work closely with the architects to bring the glass fence design to life.

GD: One of your more interesting designs is this “frame-less glass pool fence.” What have you learned in the product’s R&D and how have you overcome those challenges?

JG: In the beginning, one of the major challenges was introducing our frame-less glass pool fence to the marketplace. Being a new product, it took some time for consumers to become aware of this new alternative to pool covers and mesh pool fencing. We learned that consumers love the product and want to be educated much more than they already are to existing marketplace products.

GD: So, on the education front, how do you approach water-safety when you are interacting with a family that has children and/or pets?

JG: We take water safety very seriously, especially when children or pets are involved. The best way to approach water safety is to flat out, avoid any possible danger to begin with. How do you do this? Our company’s approach is the sooner you secure an area with open water, the better. Our glass pool fences meet pool safety codes throughout the U.S. and are specifically designed to keep children safe.

GD: Aquaview recently took part in a Water Safety Day even in Los Angeles. Tell us about it.

JG: For the event, we created a fun-filled educational day specifically designed to teach the community about drowning prevention and pool safety, while integrating our innovation into the mix.

GD: As a CEO, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you feel would benefit our readers, up-and-coming and experienced?

JG: Don’t be afraid to be flexible. Changes will come up in various forms. You need to embrace them and figure out what’s best for you and your company.

GD: As you are sitting with Grit Daily today, we always are curious on how individuals define “grit.” Now you’re in the hot-seat. What does it mean to you to have “grit” in business?

JG: Grit and success go hand in hand. Grit is what helps us at Aquaview continue to work hard and achieve the impossible.

Andrew "Drew" Rossow is a former contract editor at Grit Daily.

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