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Aprés is the Hydration You’ve Been Missing

Aprés drinks are the healthy hydration your body has been looking for this summer. Made with clean ingredients and packed with nutrients, these healthy beverages are built to replenish and refresh after doing whatever needs doing in your day.

I hate plain water. That’s really bad, I know, but it’s true. I tend to rely on diet soda and heavily flavored soda water to get my hydration. It’s not exactly the healthiest of options. Aprés solves that problem by providing drinks that taste like a treat. But instead of harmful chemicals, they contain all sorts of healthy nutrients to fuel your body as you go about your day.

The Good Stuff

Aprés was inspired by that post-workout glow. The drinks are designed to prevent the crashing feeling that comes after the glow fades. To that end, these drinks contain 14g of plant proteins from pea, chia, hemp, and cacao to help fuel your body and recover. They also have 3G of MCTs from virgin coconut oil to give you some energy, and coconut water and a special electrolyte blend for some serious hydration.

If that wasn’t amazing enough, these drinks come in a bunch of different flavors so everyone will find one they love. The flavors are decadent and truly taste like a dessert with none of the artificial sugars. Mint Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Cold Brew Coffee, and Sea Salt Chocolate sound more like ice cream flavors than health food options, what’s not to love there?

The Discount

Grit Daily readers can try Aprés for 20% off with the discount code SUMMER20 using this link.

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