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Do You Have ‘GRIT?’ Apply Now to Be Our Newest Contributor!

Behind every “gritty” piece is a “gritty” writer. But what does that mean?

To have “grit” means you have the courage and the ability to proudly demonstrate your character and personality through your writing! We love to get down and gritty with our writing.

If you’re looking to robotically cover news, we definitely are not the place for you! Why? You can find that same story on hundreds of other news sources. 

Here at Grit Daily, we provide a unique twist to each of our stories that you won’t find in the average “news story.” Which is why we are always looking for new, exciting, and vibrant writers to join our gritty team!

Therefore, we don’t care where you come from or whether you’re in the journalism space. We don’t discriminate. 

  1. Whether you are coming from former outlets such as Wired, USA Today, Forbes, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch, The Verge, Mashable, HuffPost, or the like;
  2. Whether you’re looking to expand your existing writing portfolio;
  3. Whether you are a college and/or graduate student looking to break into the “journalism” or media space;
  4. Or hell—you just like writing on the latest, trending topics in entrepreneurship, technology, fashion, branding, and/or entertainment space

We would love to have you! 

Before you apply: Please make sure to read our Editorial Guidelines which will most likely answer most of the questions you already are thinking about.

And if you are wanting to advertise with us or market your own brand, please check out our Branded Content Studio!

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