Apple Updates: New Airpods, Foldable Phone?

Published on March 21, 2019

Apple has announced that the second generation of its new headphones will soon hit the market. The wireless headphones were first released in 2016, but consumers hadn’t really shown an interest in the product until recently. Now that the 2016 versions of the wireless headphones are reaching the end of their lifespan, consumers are eager to scoop up the next generation of the famous headphones.

Rumors of the next iPhone are also beginning to circulate the web. With the arrival of the Galaxy Fold, tech specialists are speculating whether or not Apple will make the jump as well. Samsung is set to release the first ever foldable touch screen phone soon. The phones were teased at CES recently before being officially announced just a couple of weeks ago.

New Air Pods

The new Air Pods will come at a bit of a price increase from the original $159 price tag. The new generation will be available for $199, but it will have some improvements. Consumers can purchase the new Air Pods at the original price of $159, but the perks of the second generation will come at a cost. The new version of the wireless headphones will come with a wireless charging case at the higher price point.

Air Pod users can purchase the wireless charging case for their first generation Air Pods for $70. The new Air Pods look exactly the same as the old, and have the same physical features and dimensions. One, tiny LED light will be put into the wireless charging case to signal whether or not the device is charging, but other than that the case will also look the same as the original.

Apple hasn’t made any changes to the battery life of the Air Pods in the second generation. Now that the original generation is getting older, consumers who purchased the products back in 2016 are starting to notice that their Air Pods are losing battery life faster than before. The lifespan of the Air Pods is around 4 to 5 hours on a single charge.

The new Air Pods will also allow users to access Siri through the “hey Siri” feature, which is a step up from the first generation.

Foldable iPhone

Apple is rumored to be revealing its first foldable phone in 2020. Just when you thought the company was out of ideas for new products, it jumped onto the latest trend in innovations: the foldable phone. Samsung and Huawei are the first tech giants to jump into the new trend. Apple may be waiting to see what the response to the product (which retails for a whopping $1800) will be before releasing its own version.

The rumored foldable iPhone came from this YouTube video that imagines what the product may look like. Similar to the Galaxy Fold, the iPhone would have an external screen that opens up into a larger, internal screen. The company is rumored to be releasing the phone in 2020, if at all. So that means we would have to wait another year, at least, before we so much as heard a peep about it.

The new Apple Air Pods will be released during the last week of March. While the new generation doesn’t boast much of an upgrade, it’s a good time to grab a new pair if your old ones are starting to lose their power. The next generation of Air Pods isn’t expected until 2020, but are rumored to boast features like waterproof exteriors and increased battery life.

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