Apple Carries An LED Smart Bike Helmet With Turn Signals

Published on October 12, 2019

Good news for those that bike at night: Apple now carries a smart bike helmet with LED turn signals to make it easier and safer to bike in the dark. Too bad we didn’t have this back in the spring when biking at night seemed more enticing than in the winter. Apple, which now carrries the Lumos Matrix Urban Bike Helmet in stores, is trying to make city biking safer as the helmets will not only keep wearers from suffering impact injuries, but it will prevent them altogether with LED turn signals that the wearer can control while biking.

Sleek, just like any Apple product on the market today, the Lumos Matrix Urban Bike Helmet is attractive to commuters that bike and want to integrate their tech into their ride. The idea behind the smart bike helmet is that it will illuminate the back of your head, making sure that it’s visible to vehicle traffic in urban environments. A light panel on the back of the helmet illuminates while biking, but can be used as a turn signal for bikers that need to weave in or out of traffic. Each light panel is completely customizable, too, so you can be easy to spot in crowds if you happen to be biking with a flock of Lumos Matrix helmets.

Tech Specs On The Lumos Matrix

The helmets, which are made by Lumos, are available in black or white, and can be used by bikers, skateboarders, or anyone on scooters. The helmets can be a bit pricey, but the cost pales in comparison to the price of hefty medical bills in the wake of an accident or, you know, your life. Lumos Matrix helmets operate via Bluetooth 4.0 and can be charged by USB. The lithium polymer batteries on the helmets last around four hours, which should get you through a couple of commutes in the dark without having to plug them in again. When you do have to charge them, though, they’re designed to charge fully in about five hours. When the helmet is turned off, the stand-by time for the batter is about 25,000 hours, so you don’t need to worry about it dying when you’re not using it.

Lumos smart helmets can connect to your phone or Apple watch via Bluetooth to sync with apps like the Health app. This makes it easy to track your commute and speed if logging your workout is something that you’re passionate about. The 1,000 lumen LED lights on the helmet are easily spotted by drivers, and the turn signal on the helmets can be adjusted from a button that sits on your bike handle. Lumos Matrix helmets, which just went on sale on Wednesday, are available on the Apple website for $249.95 and come in black and white. Check out the helmets in action below:

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