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Doctor Finds Way to Functional Medicine Through Personal Experience

Determination, defined by Webster’s as “Firmness of purpose, resoluteness.”

Dr. Ann-Marie Barter knows what determination looks like. When Functional Medicine restored her health, she wanted to share it with the world.

Previously an engineer, Dr. Barter has always had a mind for high-level problem-solving. In her early 20’s she was introduced to a chiropractor. She had been very skeptical about this type of medicine until it changed her life.  No one could find a solution to her health problems for years. When they finally found the root cause, the health ailments disappeared.

“Determination has gotten me there. I’m very, very determined. I don’t stop, I feel the constant learning and growing.”
Dr. Ann-Marie Barter

She left her engineering career and went full force into helping others restore their health. She knew the only way that she could solve challenging health problems was to be determined to find a solution.

So, she put a focus on continuous learning. Approaching each problem with an open mind, she could find real solutions to ailments.

Now, Dr. Barter is the founder of Alternative Family Medicine, with two locations in Denver and Longmont, Colorado, where she specializes in difficult functional medicine cases, helping people with issues concerning their thyroid, blood sugar, gut health, and hormone dysfunction, as well as other metabolic conditions.

Dr. Ann-Marie Barter sits down with me, Jeremy Ryan Slate, on the latest episode of the Create Your Own Life Show.