Alexa D’Agostino, Founder of Thynk Consulting Group, Warns Startups Not to Miss Out on These Marketing Solutions

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Published on August 2, 2022

Alexa D’Agostino, Founder of Thynk Consulting Group, is a marketing expert who is on the frontlines each day, helping clients to transform their marketing strategies into sales in a faster way.

The marketing climate today is more challenging than ever. All sorts of brands are trying new ways to capture the attention of their consumers. Moreover, some companies are unsure about what marketing tactics to use. Will a Facebook ad or a video campaign do the trick? Or, is a banner ad needed to drive attention to a new product or service?

Marketing is even more challenging for startups struggling to find a foothold in their industry. And many of these new companies focus on developing a “perfect” marketing plan, rather than looking at the speed of implementation. While logos, content, and the company name matter, the most important thing is to get your product to the market quickly. After all, you should know if consumers are interested in what you have to offer before spending countless hours perfecting the landing pages, taglines, logos, and colors.

The speed at which you can develop and implement marketing solutions is one of the key changes spurred by technology in the marketing industry. Automated digital marketing backed by artificial intelligence is growing as well. Digital innovation is continually transforming this industry, making it ever easier for startups to tap into their consumer base, especially if they leverage the right strategies.

Alexa shared, “Our philosophy is that you do ‘Marketing by Modification™,’ which is the process of getting offers out quickly and tweaking that offer and marketing until you are 4x+ ROA (return on advertising). By doing this, you are getting your offer out quicker, failing faster, and are able to pivot quickly, if necessary. Doing it the traditional way, you drain your budgets quicker and put something out that you are not sure will actually work. Our method, however, has grown over 300 businesses to over 6-figures and as high as $350 million.”

Thynk Consulting Group is a unique firm in that it is in the business of helping entrepreneurs to quickly scale and grow their own businesses. The firm offers two types of services: Thynktank Coaching, a “done with you” program specializing in helping entrepreneurs grow a sustainable brand, and Thynkfuel PR and Marketing, a full-service “done for you” agency focusing on fast tracking brands and businesses towards mainstream exposure. 

“Our goal is to deliver successful marketing solutions that can grow brands faster, while also ensuring that they are on top of the latest marketing trends,” D’Agostino shared.

According to D’Agostino, understanding the GenZ consumer is for many brands. “GenZs want transparency, authenticity, and they do not want to feel they are being marketed to,” stated D’Agostino. “GenZs care more about the brand personality and the values than they care about the actual service. If they do not feel connected to your brand, they will not buy from your brand.”

Other tips D’Agostino says to consider when marketing your next product or service includes:

Funnels and collecting first party data. Your email list and the data you collect is one of the most important assets of your business. But often, we are not building a journey that allows us to understand even more about our audience that will allow us to have better targeting to provide the content that our audience actually wants and needs. It’s important for small businesses to improve this area of their marketing efforts.

Understanding and evaluating your customer journey. It takes consumers 8-15 times to want to actually interact with your brand, which means you must plan a customer journey that creates trust. By creating meaningful and consistent touchpoints with your customers, you can build trust and loyalty for years to come.

Content development! Small companies do not understand the power of content. Posting content that builds trust, and that can actually be monetized, is the type of content that solves problems for consumers, so they want to read it. In order to know the problems that exist, you must ask and build relationships with your audience. Building your content strategy with a problem-solving mindset will result in consumers trusting you because you are solving their problems before they even speak to you.

Today’s marketing industry presents many formidable challenges. Keeping up with the pace of innovation and rapid transformation is a tall order. Yet, innovators like Alexa D’Agostino are making a difference by identifying strategies that result in successful marketing solutions that can actually drive sales and position all types of startup brands for long-term success.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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