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Aleksandr Pritsker: The Path of Success From Tennis Pro to Real Estate Mogul

Aleksandr Pritsker, realty specialist and CEO of Team Blackstar, has been making waves in the New Jersey real estate scene. In his earlier years he spent his time as a tennis player who was highly esteemed for his skill on the court. Though it was little known at the time, Aleksandr was also thrilled by the prospect of homes and realty. Then in 2014, he decided to put tennis behind him forever to pursue that passion. Since beginning his journey in real estate, Pritsker has seen the highs and lows of the ever-shifting marketplace, all the while persevering through tenacity, charisma, and a mind that was made for business.

It wasn’t long after receiving his property permit before Pritsker began standing out in his occupation. Before he knew it, he had rapidly become a success. He was well liked, his customers identified with him, and he was willing to help them with whatever concerns they had at any stage in the sales process. As Pritsker explains it, “Clients recognize they can count on me to take care of them and to give the appropriate response to any type of concern they could have. A great number of people stress over the property marketing process, but I streamline it for my clients to make it much more pleasant and care-free.”

Much of Pritsker’s success is driven by his stupendous work ethic and passion for providing top-notch customer service. Due to his remarkable efforts in these arenas, his name now ranks among the upper echelons in the New Jersey real estate game, breaking into the Top 4 Placed Team NJ and Top 3 Ranked Monmouth/Ocean County Agent. Even now, Pritsker works diligently to raise himself to the pinnacle of the realty sector with his unparalleled ability to go above and beyond in every aspect.

The factor that sets Pritsker apart from other agents and the true source of his accomplishments lies in the fact that he makes himself readily available to his clients at all times. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, Pritsker is always there for whatever issues his customers experience or any questions they have, day or night. He understands that the process of buying and selling property is a complex matter.

Unanticipated problems come up and questions you don’t think of at the time can resurface at any moment. Ever the dependable one, Pritsker’s clients can always count on him to get back to them as swiftly as possible. In doing so, he’s able to resolve their anxieties while giving them the peace of mind that they made the right choice in realtor.

On top of unrivaled dependability, Pritsker also attributes his success to his proficiency at collaborating with hundreds of customers with various real estate objectives. In his own words, “if you enjoy what you do as a realty agent, you have to love working with the clients too. I delight in working directly with them and doing what I can to ensure that their real estate goals and property requirements are met.” 

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