Alaska First State to Allow On-Site Marijuana Consumption

Published on January 24, 2020

Alaska’s cannabis industry hit a milestone on Thursday when regulators permitted two dispensaries to allow on-site marijuana consumption. 

While some cities in other states have been approved for cannabis lounges, Alaska is among the first to have state-issued permits. In a 3-2 vote, the Marijuana Control Board approved applications from GoodSinse LLC and Cannabis Corner.

“This is historic in my mind,” said co-owner of GoodSinse, Daniel Peters. “This is a really big milestone…when you’re trying to bring normalcy to something in a new industry.” 

Co-owner of Cannabis Corner, Ayme Zantua, said they hope to open their lounge in February. She also aims to capitalize on the number of cruise ship tourists who come through Ketchikan over the summer.

The rules for on-site marijuana consumption call for the lounge to be separated from the rest of the property, either by a secure door or other means. Areas can be outside, or they must have a separate ventilation system. Additionally, they must have smoke-free areas that allow employees to monitor consumption. And lastly, customers can not bring in products purchased off-site.

The Marijuana Control Board is set to meet later this week in June to discuss revisions to the rules and ease “a building requirement for shops that want to offer places to consume edibles but not permit smoking.”

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