Airbnb Launches Its New ‘Inside K-Pop’ Experience

Published on January 18, 2021

Airbnb announced that it will be teaming up with popular K-Pop groups, artists and more for the company’s new Inside K-Pop experience event.

In partnership with Warner Music Korea, the event allows attendees to dive deeper into the world of K-Pop and celebrate the genre that continues to take over the world. Guests can learn about what it’s like to be a K-Pop idol by taking part in dance and beauty workshops; additionally, they’ll have the chance to unwind with some of these artists and learn about what they do when they aren’t on stage.

With COVID-19 still very much in place, and following the postponements of several K-Pop world tours, Catherine Powell, Airbnb’s Global Head of Hosting, calls Inside K-Pop a “virtual passport” that offers “unprecedented access to some of K-Pop’s biggest names both in front of and behind the curtain.”

Inside K-Pop runs from January 24-29, 2021 PST/January 25-30, 2021 KST. Every individual experience is offered in either English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese, and each one has 20 available spots running at $20 per experience. Booking starts this Wednesday, January 20 at 3PM PST/Thursday, January 21 at 8AM KST and will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Guests have the chance to take part in 14 different experiences, so here’s a peek at what Inside K-Pop includes:

Mukbang with Joohoney and I.M of Monsta X

Joohoney and I.M of Monsta X invite guests to learn about the world of Korean convenience store food. With a vast variety of food to choose from, the boys will also share recommendations and recipes, and engage in doing a mukbang (eating show) with fans.

Get Ready with Jamie, K-Beauty Routine

Singer Jamie (a.k.a. Jimin Park) will teach guests about her daily skincare routine with a step-by-step guide, as well as her favorite makeup look to wear on stage. She encourages everyone to bring their own makeup and skincare products to follow along with her.

Make Beaded Bracelets with The Boyz

As a way to unwind and relax, Kevin, Jacob, Eric and Ju Haknyeon from the group The Boyz would love for everyone to join them in making beaded bracelets. The members note that when you focus on beading, your heart eases and you can toss aside the worries that you carry with yourself, so if this is something you would enjoy, feel free to tag along.

Cook Korean Food with Cravity

Join Woobin, Allen, Seongmin and Hyeongjun of Cravity as they share their recipe for making Gungjung Tteokbokki (Korean savory rice cakes from royal courts) and talk with you as they do so.

Join Handong in an Exclusive Airbnb Photoshoot

Handong of the girl group Dreamcatcher takes you behind the scenes of a K-Pop idol photoshoot. In addition, she’ll show the whole process, including tips on how to be photogenic with facial expressions, postures and more.

BB Trippin Teaches ATEEZ’s Choreography Step by Step

In this experience, Hojun from the dance crew BB Trippin will teach you about the inspiration behind K-Pop dances; he’ll even teach you the choreography done by the K-Pop group ATEEZ.

Learn to Style Your Hair Like K-Pop Stars

Hair stylist Yeseul Kim will give you tips and secrets to help you recreate some of K-Pop’s most popular looks. From managing your bangs to figuring out how you want your hair styled, she’ll give you the inside scoop on what K-Pop idols like these days.

Learn IZ*ONE’s Choreography from Freemind

Similar to BB Trippin’s experience, this particular experience comes from Dasom of the Freemind dance crew. As the choreographer of the girl group IZ*ONE, Dasom will teach you the group’s choreography, as well as how they get inspiration for these moves.

Learn from Makeup Artist for K-Pop Stars

Get some tips from Haemin of ALUU, the salon behind the makeup looks of IZ*ONE; she’ll show you what products they use on the girls and how you can achieve a long-lasting makeup look that looks perfect.

K-Pop Idol AleXa’s Dance Class

Singer and dancer AleXa will teach you the moves from her songs “Bomb”, “Do or Die” and “Revolution” in this workshop. She’ll also talk about what it’s like for a K-Pop idol to go through dance training, and even teased a little surprise she has planned.

Learn to Style Hair Like a K-Pop Idol Group

In this second hair-focused experience, hair stylist Yonghan from ALUU will teach you how to recreate the iconic hair looks of the girls from IZ*ONE, as well as some industry secrets and the products they use.

Concert with a K-Pop Singer-Songwriter

Join songwriter Nive as he performs an intimate concert for those who choose this experience. As a writer for some of K-Pop’s biggest stars (BTS, EXO, EXO’s Chen), he’ll talk about how he got to where he is today and will provide tips on songwriting and composing.

K-Pop Photoshoot with Kevin Woo

Singer-songwriter (and former U-KISS member) Kevin Woo will teach you the ins and outs of photography and how to properly interact with the photographer when preparing to have a photo taken of yourself.

Airbnb first launched its “Experiences” in 2016, which gives local hosts the chance to provide unique and memorable experiences to travelers during their trips to these destinations. In 2019, the company also launched a special round of Korean Wave, or Hallyu, experiences where people could book experiences with hosts to go a step further in learning about the worlds of K-Pop and K-Beauty.

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