The Best Air Mattresses of 2023

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 15, 2023

Owning an air mattress is a great choice. An air mattress can be used as a backup bed for yourself, somewhere to sleep for guests, or during a camping excursion. Moreover, they can be packed away and easily stored when they are not being used. If you are interested in picking up one for yourself, check out the list below.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Air Mattress:

Criteria for Choosing the Best Air Mattress

There are plenty of air mattresses out there, but not all of them are worth the money. To ensure that only the best air mattresses were chosen for this list, the following factors were considered:

  • Comfort: Although comfort is not the only reason to use an air mattress, it is a big one. It is also the first thing most people think about. Therefore, when choosing one for this list, only those that are comfortable enough to give you a good night’s sleep were considered.
  • Durability: Durability is vital for an air mattress. Many of them develop leaks, and when this happens, you have to patch them or deal with constant deflation. A durable air mattress will last longer and prevent leaks from disrupting your sleep.
  • Convenience: An air mattress is all about convenience, providing an easy-to-use option for those who need something to sleep on. Therefore, convenience was a major factor when choosing the ones on the list.

Of course, other things were considered, including the size and elevation of the mattresses. In addition, the price compared to what they offered was also an important consideration.

The 7 Best Air Mattresses

There are plenty of great brands out there, but there are also a lot of bad air mattresses, including some from brands you might expect to offer quality products. Therefore, it is important to find something great before you make a purchase. To make that easier, a variety of brands and styles of air mattresses have been included below.

King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

When it comes to air mattresses, it does not get much better than King Koil. Their mattress starts off with a great selection of sizes, including twin, queen, and California king sizes. Moreover, you can get it in multiple elevations, from 13 inches to 20 inches, allowing you to get the best mattress for any situation.

This air mattress is firm and made out of quality materials that let you sleep through the night without any sinking or air loss. There are also air-filled coils and internal layering to support you as you sleep and make it feel less like a mattress and more like any other mattress. Plus, it has a built-in inflation device that quickly fills it with air.

  • King Koil gives you a choice between various heights and sizes
  • It is firm and gives a real mattress feeling
  • It easily inflates and deflates with the built-in inflation device

  • It is meant for home use only
  • It pulls a lot of power to inflate

Ivation EZ-Bed (Queen) Air Mattress

If you are looking for a premium air mattress, look no further than Ivation’s EZ-Bed. This mattress is fantastic, and it comes with all of the conveniences you would want. Moreover, it offers all of its features in four sizes, allowing you to pick up anything from a twin to a king. There is even a built-in metal frame to keep you elevated at night.

The frame automatically extends while the air mattress inflates, which is done in around four minutes using the built-in pump. There is even a second pump that flips on quietly at night to keep you at the perfect air level. You can even set the firmness you want it to keep you at. There is even plenty of back support, making this mattress a dream.

  • There are four sizes to choose between
  • The built-in pumps inflate it quickly and keep it inflated throughout the night
  • It allows you to adjust the firmness of the mattress

  • It is very expensive compared to most other air mattresses

ALPS Mountaineering Vertex Air Bed

This air mattress from ALPS Mountaineering takes a different approach from the others on this list, aiming to provide a lightweight, durable air mattress that you can use almost anywhere. This air mattress only weighs around five pounds, which is significantly less than most others, but it still provides plenty of space to sleep in comfort.

The durable polyester material holds up well, and thanks to the internal coil system, you get a sturdy sleeping surface that you can use indoors or out. Plus, it comes with everything you need, including a pump that can be used with a wall outlet, car outlet, or rechargeable battery. It even comes with a great storage bag to make transport easier.

  • The air mattress focuses on being a lightweight option
  • It is made out of durable, PVC-free material
  • There is a storage bag to make putting it away and transporting it easier

  • There are only two size options
  • It does not provide much elevation
  • The price is a bit high for what you are getting

Sierra Designs 2 Person Queen Camping Air Bed Mattress

Another great air mattress for camping or the outdoors comes from Sierra Designs. The first thing to take note of when it comes to this air mattress is the durability of the material, which is made to be puncture-resistant and stretch-resistant. It is a product that is made to withstand the outdoors and last for a long time to come.

This air mattress is also comfortable, having a surface that makes it easy to find a good spot and get a great night’s sleep. There is even an integrated pillow that helps add some elevation to your head. Plus, it only weighs around six pounds and can hold two people without an issue. It even comes with a storage bag and battery-powered pump.

  • It is made from durable materials that can withstand the outdoors
  • It is lightweight and has a lowered height for use in a tent
  • The surface is designed to be comfortable
  • A storage bag and an air pump are included
  • It comes at a fantastic price

  • It is not as big as a true queen mattress
  • There is only one size option
  • The included pump could be better

Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Air Mattress with Headboard

One of the most annoying things about an air mattress is your pillow falling off the end during the night, but this air mattress solves that problem. The way it does that is by adding a headboard to the air mattress. It is also loaded with other great features while also being a comfortable full-size air mattress that holds up to 600 pounds.

There is a built-in air pump that allows you to pick your firmness setting and walk away, shutting off automatically when it is done filling up. It also has a secondary pump that keeps the mattress inflated to your preferred firmness throughout the night. Moreover, with the coils inside, you get ample elevation of around 18 inches and extra support.

  • There is a built-in headboard to prevent your pillow from falling off at night
  • It holds up to 600 pounds as a full-size air mattress
  • It provides ample elevation and support

  • The headboard is not the highest quality

WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress

If you are looking for something a bit different, you can check out this SUV air mattress from WEY&FLY. This air mattress has a design meant to fit in the back of a truck or SUV, allowing you to turn your vehicle into a comfortable space for the night. It is also perfectly suitable to use indoors or in a tent, making it more versatile than most others.

The design is fantastic, allowing you to fill it completely or only partially to customize your experience. It is also seamless, which adds comfort. Moreover, it can hold nearly 600 pounds, allowing you to fit multiple people on it without worry. The air mattress comes with a pump that you can plug into the cigarette lighter of a car.

  • It can fit comfortably inside an SUV or the bed of a truck
  • It can be filled partially to accommodate a single person
  • The seamless design and double-sided flocking improve comfort
  • It can hold nearly 600 pounds

  • It is not the most durable option
  • It tends to deflate a bit during the night, reducing comfort

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep is a brand of air mattresses that can be trusted for a good night’s sleep. Additionally, they have a wide range of mattress sizes that come at a reasonable price, making them an affordable high-end brand that you can trust to deliver. It even comes with a built-in pump that makes inflating and deflating it as easy as the turn of a knob.

Features such as the ComfortCoil Technology and SureGrip bottom are what really make this mattress stand out. These features make sure you get proper support for a comfortable sleep and do not slip and slide around the floor during the night. The top is even extra thick and waterproof, which increases both comfort and durability.

  • There are a wide range of sizes available
  • There is a built-in air pump that works with the simple turn of a knob
  • The ComfortCoil Technology increases support and overall comfort
  • The SureGrip bottom prevents the mattress from moving at night
  • There is an extra-thick, waterproof layer on the top

  • You can really feel it when someone else on the bed moves
  • The rest of the air mattress is not as durable as the top

How to Shop for an Air Mattress

There is a lot to consider when you are shopping for an air mattress, but it all becomes easier once you consider a few key things. In order to make your decision easier, you should think about these things while shopping for an air mattress:

  • Purpose: Are you looking for something that will be slept on often? Do you want to take it camping? These will inform your decision on elevation, how much you want to spend, and what features you should get. For instance, a built-in pump is great, but it might be space you want to save when camping.
  • Size: The size is important if you plan on having more than one person sleep on the mattress. After all, while a full or twin might work for a single person, it might be difficult to get more than one person comfortable on that size of the mattress.
  • Firmness: Although most air mattresses are quite firm, you can get a varying degree of firmness, especially with air mattresses that automatically maintain firmness using a secondary pump. While these might cost more, they can make your sleep far more comfortable if you like a softer mattress.

There are other things you might want to consider, such as whether you want an air mattress with a high elevation, which can make it far easier to get in and out of. Additionally, price is always a concern, especially with something you might not use often.

In Conclusion 

An air mattress is a convenient backup or a great addition to your camping supplies. However, to avoid disappointment, you have to find an air mattress that will last and remain comfortable throughout the night. Therefore, when choosing one, make sure to consider the durability along with how comfortable it is.

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By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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