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How AI Healthcare Could Save The Elderly From Deadly Accidental Injuries

As technology surrounding healthcare gets better our elderly population sees a longer life expectancy. The elderly population in America is expected to jump to 98 million by 2060. Experts find this number alarming because of how many of our nations elders today are suffering from accidental injuries. Additional problems with accidental injury is how much money they make up in what Medicare pays per year. Deaths from accidental injury include things like falling. They cost an alarming amount of money annually—with the current cost sitting around $750 million.

As the population of elderly in the United States grows so will the financial burden of having to pay for services like Medicare. While the service provides a lot of great financial relief to the elderly, much of the cost goes toward paying for healthcare related to accidental injuries. Deaths among the elderly from accidental injuries such as falling saw a 31% rise between the years 2007 and 2016, according to the CDC.

Companies have been working to solve how we can treat injuries such as falling for years with products that are specially designed to help the elderly once they fall.

Industry-wide Innovations Help Our Elders

Apple is about to release features in their new smart watch, the Apple Watch, that will be able to monitor the wearer and determine if they fall. When the watch detects a fall it can alert an emergency contact immediately. If no activity happens after a few minutes once the fall happens, the watch will immediately call emergency services such as 911. Products like these have been around for decades (we all know and love the life alert commercials and subsequent memes). These products are meant to cut down on the amount of deaths that happen in result of a fall. They do not confront the problem at the source, though.

Confronting the problem of accidental injuries among the elderly at the source is where companies like Zanthion, Inc. come in. Zanthion, Inc. is an artificial intelligence healthcare company. They’re currently working to develop ways to cut back on the amount of accidental injuries. They aim to fix the problem before it becomes a bigger financial issue.

How AI Healthcare Could Help

The company aims to use AI technology in smart homes to help create safer living environments for our nation’s elderly. AI can monitor risk factors around the home, as well as in elders themselves. It can create a safer living environment that prevents accidental injuries. “With the world demographic shift towards populations composed of greater than 25% seniors, AI can help find dignified, non-stigmatized healthcare solutions.” said Philip Regenie, CEO of Zanthion, Inc. in a press release.

The healthcare solutions produced by Zanthion, Inc aim to reduce the $750 million in Medicare costs. These costs currently go toward healthcare related to accidental injuries. AI, when used in smart homes, can create safer surroundings that help the elderly live stronger, healthier lives. To find out more about the AI smart home healthcare technology that Zanthion, Inc. is creating, check out their website here.