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Grit Daily's Team

Grit Daily - Jordan French Jordan French

Managing Editor

Grit Daily - Aaron Kelly Aaron Kelly


Grit Daily - Andrew Rossow Andrew Rossow

Contributing Editor

Grit Daily - Elisa Lewittes Elisa Lewittes

Contributing Editor / Marketing Strategist

Grit Daily - Martine Paris Martine Paris

West Coast Editor

Grit Daily - Yelena Mandenberg Yelena Mandenberg

Staff Writer

Grit Daily - Julia Sachs Julia Sachs

Staff Writer

Grit Daily - Alicia Raeburn Alicia Raeburn

Staff Writer

Grit Daily - Jeremy Ryan Slate Jeremy Ryan Slate

Contributing Editor

Grit Daily - Rachel Novick Rachel Novick

Contributing Writer

Grit Daily - Peter Salib Peter Salib

Contributing Writer

Grit Daily - Brian Garcia Tina Mulqeen

Contributing Writer

Grit Daily - Lucas Miller Lucas Miller

Contributing Writer

Grit Daily - Brian Garcia Brian Garcia