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AALTA Release “Not Gonna Take You Back,” ft. Griff Clawson

Los Angeles-based alt-pop duo AALTA, composed of Daniel Pashman and Grammy winner Rich Jacques, release “Not Gonna Take You Back,” featuring Griff Clawson.

“Not Gonna Take You Back” is about leaving a toxic relationship and the subsequent feelings of freedom and relief engendered by refusing to surrender to detrimental emotional entanglement.

AALTA’s Beginning

AALTA’s genesis occurred when Pashman, at the age of 12, began guitar lessons with Jacques. Much later, after studying at Berklee College of Music, Pashman worked as an intern in a recording studio. Eventually, he became a producer, and once again hooked up with Jacques on production for pop singer Lenachka. At that point, AALTA was born.

Not only is the duo’s music uniquely innovative, blending a variety of pop, electro-pop, darkwave, hip-hop and dream-pop, but their approach to creativity, utilizing various vocalists, defines their sound, imbuing it with fluid freshness, elusive familiarity, and flashing brilliance.

Griff Clawson

On his part, Clawson, who is from Newport Beach, California, started playing guitar and writing songs when he was 11-years-old, followed by local performances at age 14. Later, his rich, evocative voice led to performances at House of Blues Hollywood and Anaheim, Room 5, Hotel Café, The Observatory OC, and Pauley Pavilion, along with many more.

“Not Gonna Take You Back” opens on sparkling tones riding a hefty trap-like beat topped by shimmering electro-pop flavors, gleaming on swirling twirling tones. Glowing creamily-textured breakdowns shift the harmonics with delicious coloration, infusing the tune with tantalizing expanding and contracting sonic filaments.

Clawson’s velvety falsetto, nuanced with polished timbres, injects the lyrics with luminous energy that mirrors his newfound exquisite delight and relief with his situation.

Liberating Lyrics

“Sometimes it feels like rain / Even when it’s not grey / Sometimes you need to walk away / No sense in taking pain / Time to give back those clothes / The kind that always fade away.”

Wonderfully wrought, “Not Gonna Take You Back” brims with coruscating colors, a compelling rhythm, and the delicious sonic signature of AALTA.

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