A Star Is Born Earns $43 Million On Opening Weekend

Published on October 9, 2018

Life is good for Bradley Cooper, whose directorial debut, A Star Is Born, earned a cool $43 million on its opening weekend. The film stars Cooper alongside pop star Lady Gaga in a tragic tale of two musicians that struggle with the dynamic of fame. This is the fourth rendition of the film, which has seen its ups and downs since its original release in 1937. In this version, Cooper takes the bare bones of the classic story and gives it a modern twist. The film has, for months now, caused a buzz among critics and in online communities as having the potential to be one of the best films of the year.

Critics are saying the film is not a matter of whether or not Gaga and Cooper will win big in the next Oscar season, rather how many the pair will earn. Even Cooper’s dog, who has a part in the film, has already earned an award from PETA.

The film centers around Jackson Maine (Cooper), a quickly fading country rock musician with an addiction problem. When Maine stumbles into a dive bar one night to get a drink after his show he sees Ally (Gaga) perform a rendition of La Vie En Rose. The two spend the evening together and Maine recognizes that Ally has a lot of natural talent as a singer and songwriter. The two begin dating before Ally is recognized by a manager who helps her go solo in her career. From then on, the film focuses on how the couple balances her rising fame while his career slows.

How ‘A Star Is Born’ Came To Be

“I’d never heard her sing live before and then I went and met her, I think it was almost the next day,” Bradley Cooper told Vanity Fair about how he cast Gaga to star alongside him in A Star Is Born. “I was so taken with how warm and present and kind and generous she is. And then from that meeting, that was it. There was no movie without her,” he continued. Cooper first saw Gaga sing live at a fundraiser event thrown by Sean Parker, the entrepreneur behind programs like Napster. At the event Gaga performed La Vie En Rose, which later made it into the film.

The dynamic between Cooper and Gaga on screen is what makes A Star Is Born so special.  The two play off of one another. This dynamic works by showing the vulnerability and complexity of each character in a way that captivates the audience. The film has just the right amount of melodrama mixed with pure entertainment. The film is expected to break box-office records throughout its opening week. It’s only competing film is Venom, a thriller that was also released on Friday. A Star Is Born is now in theaters around the US. Do yourself a favor and go see it.


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