7 Best Tips to Balance Startup Work and a Happy Family

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on January 11, 2023

Startups: Having a happy family is the dream of every family member. When happiness between family members can be maintained, harmony at home can be established. To ensure your family can have it, there are several tips you can try. From scheduling family time, making clear rules, conveying proper love language, to being a ‘home’ for each other. Keep on reading below to know what are the ways that can be done, to truly make it happen.

What are the characteristics of a happy family?

Some people may wonder, what does a happy family look like? To answer this question, it’s a good idea to understand the characteristics of a happy family first. Even though the definition of ‘happy’ is very subjective, however, in general, there are several characteristics of a happy family that can be identified, such as:

  • Proper support between each other
  • Show love and caring for each family members
  • Able to provide a feeling of security and belonging to one another
  • Open communication is maintained
  • Make each member of the family feel important or needed
  • Make family members feel valued and respected.

It is important for husbands, wives, and even children to understand the ultimate key to achieving a happy family. Thus, your family can establish a good work-life balance.

What are the ways to achieve a happy family?

Even though there’s no such thing as a perfect family, there are still several ways that you can make it happen. Read each of the best-kept secrets below.

Become a “home” for each other

The irreplaceable essence of family is the ability to be home to one another. This means that every member of the family will always be there for each other, no matter the circumstances. For example, even when the parent feels exhausted, a spark of happiness can also emerge after they come home and meet their children.

Schedule family time

Busyness outside of family affairs often is one of the ultimate reasons why spending time with family is hard to do. Believe it or not, it takes more effort to realize family time with all family members. Thus, scheduling beforehand or creating an exact weekly or biweekly schedule to hold family gatherings should be done. 


One of the best ways to create a happy family is to have a routine together. Doing fun activities regularly is considered to be able to strengthen relationships between family members. There are lots of fun and exciting activities that don’t cost a fortune, for example, walking together while exercising in the park, cycling every Sunday morning, having dinner at a restaurant once a month, or even spending time at your house and sharing stories or playing board games together.


When family time is held, you can do simple fun activities together. Spending time with family doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Doing simple things together can also be enough.  

Be a cool parent

There are many ways you can be a cool parent.  For example, give children the opportunity to invite their friends to play at home.  By doing things like this, your children will feel closer to you. They will also not hesitate to tell whatever they feel is. As a bonus, you can keep tabs on your child’s social interactions without intervening too much.

Make every rule clear

Family happiness can also be formed by making clear rules for all family members. Such as preventing everyone from playing with cellphones while eating together, having curfews, and other rules. Most family rules will be different from each other.


Families that have clear and logical rules will form a pleasant environment for all. Every rule that is made must also be accompanied by appropriate reasoning, so all family members can understand what is the essence.

Be adventurous together

Visit a completely new place or try a new experience that you and your family have never done before. This activity will increase the production of dopamine in the brain, thus it can make everyone feel happy and closer to each other at the same time.

Don’t hesitate to show your love 

Never hesitate to convey or show your affectionate side and love to your family. A parent should be able to do this to their child, as a result, the children can also do the same and not hesitate to show love. Children who grow up showered with love around them are believed to be more confident and have higher self-esteem than children who do not. By being able to freely show love to your family, it will maintain family happiness while at the same time improving the quality of life of all involved. Each family member can have a different love language, you can adjust it so you can express it properly.

Balancing work and time with family

One of the keys to a happy household is maintaining a balance between work and time with family.  When you and your partner are spending time with your children you should try to forget about work for a moment. If possible, don’t pick up the phone or reply to messages from office colleagues just yet. This is believed to make spouses and children at home feel prioritized so that comfortable household can be created.

You should also be able to sort out what activities you can do by yourself, and when is the right time to employ for help. For example, if you notice that you are lacking family time due to your busyness, you might want to forego cleaning the house and instead use the precious weekend to focus solely on your family.


By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Greg Grzesiak is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Columnist at Grit Daily. As CEO of Grzesiak Growth LLC, Greg dedicates his time to helping CEOs influencers and entrepreneurs make the appearances that will grow their following in their reach globally. Over the years he has built strong partnerships with high profile educators and influencers in Youtube and traditional finance space. Greg is a University of Florida graduate with years of experience in marketing and journalism.

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