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Spark Joy This 4/20 With These Experience-Enhancing CannAccessories

It’s a lot of people’s favorite holiday soon where the pregame and the main celebration are the same! We might see some dispensaries run out of inventory and have lines around the building as if it was their first day in business again. Some plan ahead and have a tribe, supplies, and good times all set up and some just prefer to enjoy the day more low key. Whichever of those you prefer, these ancillary smoker products or ‘cannaccessories’ can greatly improve your experience regardless of your go-to method for the celebration and on the daily.

CannaMold by Purple Rose Supply

I first learned about Cannabis cigars or ‘cannagars,’ originally known as “Thai Sticks”, when I met Purple Rose Supply while they were exhibiting at CannaCon in Seattle this past February.

‘Cannagars’ are a special treat, slow-smoking experience because they are labor and material intensive to make. It is not quite like a typical joint or blunt because cannagars are usually wrapped in cannabis leaf, but you can use anything you prefer to wrap it like palm, banana, or fronto leaf for example if you’re looking for a tobaccoless experience.

Though you still need a good amount of cannabis to make a nice-sized cannagar that will smoke for at least one hour, Purple Rose Supply has created an effective mold and process to enable recreational consumers to make their own cannagars at home in a simple and efficient manner. Buying premade cannagars can cost at least a hundred dollars or more, which makes this a great alternative for someone looking to have 1-4 hour smoking session with several people.

The G2 CannaMold comes with a mold, a set of skewers, a funnel, a wooden tip, and the packing tool. The G2 comes in three sizes fitting ground material in ranges from 2-4 grams, 3.5-7 grams, and 10-14 grams. The tighter and the more you pack into the mold, the longer the experience will last. After packing up the mold, store it for at least 3 hours and up to a few days — the longer, the smoother. In those spontaneous moments, you can place the mold in the freezer for an hour as a life hack to get wrapping and smoking a lot faster.

KASHER – Lighter Tool

Photo Credit: Kasher

A Kasher is a handy attachment that slides directly onto the lighter. They make a version for the regular sized and mini Bic lighters as well as a model for cylindrical Raw lighters. The tool fits very flush with the lighter and you can easily slide it down to expose its durable metal tip that is the operation side of things. This metal tip can be used to scrape pipes clean, slice tobacco wraps, punch cigars, pack material — and that’s just for cannabis. With this tool, you’ll save a lot of time preparing blunts and resetting pipes to maximize your celebration time.

Around the house and life, you can use this lighter attachment as a multi-tool to help you open boxes and envelopes. What is especially cool about the Kasher, besides the durability and availability in titanium, is the ability to customize the outside design of the lighter tool to represent a theme or brand. I got mine and learned about this space when attending MJBizConNext in New Orleans last year.

Toker Poker – Ergonomic Lighter Sleeve

Photo Credit: Toker Poker

Highly regarded for its ergonomic design and functionality, the Toker Poker is a lighter sleeve for the couch potato or world adventurer. The toker is a basically a cozy, not for your beer, but for your lighter with essential smoker tools built on to it. Besides helping you easily identify your lighter in case friends try to steal it, claiming it as theirs, is having a handy ‘poker’ and a ‘tamper.’

A stainless steel ‘poker’ that folds into a seamless position can be used to poke and scrape as you reset pipes or refine a rolled up smokable. A ‘tamper’ on the bottom is used to pack pipes because using your finger is a sticky mess. Using the tamper has a satisfying feel to it, almost like using a hammer.

The sleeve also features a groove that is used to wrap ‘hemp wick’ around it.

‘Hemp wick’ is a popular alternative to a butane flame produced by all lighters for daily pipe smokers looking to draw out the more natural tastes of the experience by not dousing the material in butane. Toker Poker has one sleeve that is glow-in-the-dark which I’ve found to be an extra value add since it makes it easily findable in a dark room. This multi-tool will help keep your fingers clean and your pipes burning right.

Please note this article is for purposes of those states which have legalized the use of recreational and medical marijuana. Please be mindful of your individual jurisdiction’s laws concerning recreational marijuana use.

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