4 Ways to Make Money Online In 2023

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Published on November 30, 2022

Switching from offline earning to online earning is not a difficult task to accomplish. It makes sense in a way that the traditional, usual work nowadays relies on online activities shared by members of the company. However, there is no actual need to be employed in an online-only enterprise to make money online. These 4 ways will help you make money online on your own in 2023.

Complete small tasks

Arguably the oldest and the most popular way to make money online is by getting monetary rewards for completing small tasks. The number of platforms offering exactly that is rather big, with different tasks offered by each of them.

A most common staple of such services is surveys. All it takes to make some money online is providing your opinion on a certain topic for any cause that is required. It could be market research, political questionnaires, or personal habits check.

The element that unites any of such platforms is the fact that you get paid for that. It takes just a few minutes to complete a task at hand, and the rewards are small too. However, investing your free time into this endeavor can bring some noticeable profit. Besides, the tasks that are provided do not require any previous knowledge, and these tasks can be done by anyone.

Testing websites

Although it may sound very technical, website testing is something that anyone can do today. Website testing that is available to the public does not involve rigorous quality assurance testing and is specifically catered to the simple, everyday user.

If you decide to test websites, you will notice that in most cases, the instructions are provided for you already and are similar to “press on this button” or “attempt to access this particular page”. All you have to do is complete these simple objectives and provide your feedback on how it went.

This approach to testing is called “crowdsourced testing,” as it utilizes a large number of people worldwide to check for potential issues. It is a popular solution among businesses, and it is projected to rise even further throughout the years.

The key for these tests is to check not the technical side of things, such as code, but rather the usability of the said websites. You get paid per test and can make significantly more while helping to improve the websites themselves. As noted, there is no need to have any testing experience or other tech knowledge in order to provide feedback and get some money in return.

Passive income

Passive income is usually tied to making investments and putting your own money to work. That is no longer the case with innovations in the tech field. For the past decade or so, new solutions had appeared offering passive income without any investments.

Rather than making your money grow, passive income apps give you rewards for letting them use a certain resource that you have. Honeygain, for example, gives you money in exchange for your internet bandwidth.

As you share your internet with the Honeygain network, you are earning credits for doing so. It does not use too much and works silently in the background, having no effect on your everyday usage of your devices. This internet bandwidth is used for price aggregation, SEO research, and other use cases.

One thing to note is that earnings depend on your geographical location and the number of fellow users. It will not make you rich, but it does provide some spare change for doing nothing. If you are using a computer or a smartphone every day, it will not affect you to run this app in the background. The app does not collect any personal data or information and does not ask for intrusive permissions to run.

Cashback platforms

If you tend to do your shopping online, it is a good idea to make use of the multi-billion dollar cashback industry. Cashback services work in a somewhat simple way. By making a purchase using a cashback platform, you will get a certain percentage of the price paid back. This happens because cashback services have deals with various businesses that share their profits with them.

Some may argue that using cashback services is not a way to make money online; however, knowing that the savings can be quite considerate, it brings the opportunity to make other purchases or investments from the savings accrued.

As there are a lot of cashback services available, you should check them all out, especially before making a larger purchase, such as a new TV or a new smartphone. In some cases, small items can have deals available as well, but, needless to say, the cashback values there will not be large. Still, getting something at a discount with a cashback is a way to save and earn.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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