3 Ways You Can Have Fun On Your Spring Break Travels While Staying Safe

Published on March 25, 2019

As March is now coming to an end, college students across America are returning home from their spring break vacations. Spring break is a time to relax, unwind, party with your life-long friends, and travel to new and exciting places.

Yet, while the idea of traveling certainly is eventful, traveling abroad is something far more valuable than most college students realize. Why? They almost never think about it, especially when it comes to their own safety and well-being.

So, how can you still have fun abroad and stay safe?

#1 – Travel in Groups

Traveling to new countries, especially those with harsher laws than the United States, may be an unsettling idea to some.

In the United States, we enjoy rights and freedoms that others do not. We also have greater wealth than most others – which is why young U.S. college students are a likely target abroad.

Traveling to places like Cuba, draws the attention of many locals. We can be targeted by the way we look, dress, or even the items we carry. Traveling in packs lowers the likelihood of being robbed of our most prized possessions, or even being placed in immediate harm or danger.

#2 – Do Not Veer Too Far from Your Hotel

Staying close together with your friends while also staying close to wherever you are staying can ensure a safe trip for everyone!

Ideally, the closer you are to the hotel, the more likely you will be surrounded by fellow spring-breakers. Straying too far will subject you to unfamiliar areas and perhaps dangerous situations.

If you do decide to go farther away from the hotel, I urge you to remember Tip #1.

#3 – Be Cautious of Expensive Clothing, Jewelry, or Cash

Wearing or holding expensive items can make spring breakers a target for theft or other serious harm.

Although we all love showing off our “swag” in front of our friends, other people who are not your friends will also take notice.

Dressing moderately while refraining from wearing expensive items will ensure a safe trip for everyone!

Remember, spring break is a time to have fun and make memories for life! When you are out and about, or even abroad, staying smart and safe is something that will keep the good memories going!

So don’t swag yourself into a dangerous predicament.

Jeff Wren is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Law in 2018 and currently consults at LexisNexis. He has worked in criminal defense, landlord tenant, real property, copyright, and trademark law. He plans on practicing law on the side specializing in criminal defense and eventually patent law.

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