2023 Money Goals: Follow These 15 Experts

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on January 16, 2023

If you’re thinking about your 2023 money goals, the company you keep, just like your wellness goals, plays an important role in determining your success. This includes the company you keep online in the form of the thought leaders you follow and the content you consume. When you use your screen time productively to study and learn from some of the most influential minds on personal finance and investing, it can supercharge the results you are seeing in your own goals. From saving and budgets to increasing your earnings and managing your investments, here are the experts who can help you succeed this year.

  1. Dave Ramsey – With an estimated net worth of $200 million dollars, Dave Ramsey made his money in real estate before he became one of the biggest names in personal finance in the United States. He hosts the nationally syndicated radio show of the same name along with a podcast called The Ramsey Show. To date, Ramsey’s books have sold more than eleven million copies. Ramsey’s philosophy is based on eliminating all debt as quickly as possible.
  2. Suze Orman – Suze Orman catapulted to fame when her self-titled show, ran on CNBC from 2002 to 2015. Orman went from being a young broke waitress to a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch when she was thirty. With ten bestselling books, Orman makes her working-class background an example of how to build wealth. Orman’s philosophy teaches people that they are worth more than their money with a focus on living a life without regrets.
  3. Ramit Sethi –  Back in 2004, while a student at Stamford, Ramit Sethi started his blog, I Will Teach You to Be Rich. Sethi went from selling a $4.95 ebook to becoming a New York Times bestselling author. His popular websites are GrowthLab and I Will Teach You to Be Rich, and one million people read his blog every month. With a combined following of over a half million people between his Instagram and Twitter, Sethi’s net worth went from zero to twenty-five million dollars. Sethi’s philosophy is based on developing “systems,” not goals.
  4. Ty Young – Ty Young is the CEO and founder of Ty Young Wealth Management, one of the largest wealth management firms in Atlanta. Young is looked to as the thought leader on protecting wealth. Investors turn to Young for his expertise in developing retirement strategies that meet the goals of investors from all walks of life. Young has been featured on Fox Business, Forbes, Nasdaq, CNBC, and more.
  5. Farnoosh Torabi – Torabi had a master’s degree and thirty thousand dollars of debt when she was twenty-two years old. Living in New York City meant hand-me-downs and canned tuna for meals. Torabi got her start as a financial news reporter for the twenty-four-hour cable news station, NY1. She spent three years as the host of the Financially Fit, a webcast on Yahoo, before becoming a contributor to Money and Daily Worth. Today Torabi has a net worth of two million dollars and is a sought-after speaker and bestselling author. Torabi has been featured in Forbes, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more.
  6. Winnie Sun – Sun got started as an entrepreneur at age seven as she sold avocados out of her friend’s yard. Her financial savvy began young, too, as she got her first bank account, courtesy of coins her immigrant parents rolled to support her. In college, Sun started a television audience consulting company as she studied personal finance. Before she’d graduated she was hired as a financial advisor by Smith & Barney. Sun went on to form Sun Group Wealth Partners. Sun speaks at international conferences and Fortune 500 companies, and he has been featured on CNBC, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, and numerous media outlets. Nicknamed “The Wealth Whisperer,” Sun has become one of the hottest names in money.
  7. Erin Lowry – Lowry worked as a Starbucks barista and babysitter to make ends meet while interning at the Late Show With David Letterman. But unlike many college students, Lowry was already savvy with her money, saving fifty percent of whatever she earned during college and avoiding credit card debt. Today Lowry earns a six-figure income and is the founder of Broke Millennial. She’s the author of the Broke Millennial book series and has made a name for herself in her no-nonsense advice style. Featured on CNBC and Fox & Friends, she is a regular guest on CBS Sunday morning.
  8. Brett King – King is a jack of all trades and, unlike most people, has managed to master them all. Founder and CEO of The Futurists Network, King is an entrepreneur, speaker, radio show host, and popular media personality. He’s spoken in more than fifty countries via TED talks, Wired, Web Summit, and more. He’s a frequent commentator for ABC, Fox, and CNBC. One of his many achievements includes advising the Obama administration on Fintech policy. The Financial Brand named King is the world’s number one Financial Services Influencer. King is a self-proclaimed futurist known for his keen ability to see economic changes coming.
  9. Tonya Rapley – Rapley turned her experience surviving domestic violence into her superpower. The founder of the MyFabFinance platform found her freedom when she took control of her finances. Her platform focuses on helping women take control for financial freedom, in particular for those whose lives depend on it, Rapley uses her own experiences to empower girls and women of all ages to change their lives. Rapley has become a national speaker and has been featured on Forbes, US News, and Yahoo Finance. Black Enterprise Magazine deemed Rapley the “New Face of Wealth Building” with her fierce style of giving financial advice. Rapley is estimated to have a net worth of ten million dollars.
  10. Pete AdeneyAdeney started his website and blog, Mr. Money Mustache, after he retired from his job as a software engineer – at the age of thirty. Having a strong belief in saving disposable income in order to invest for decades, Adeney believes the Covid lockdown propelled others to start looking at where their money was going. Adeney’s philosophy is that spending is within everyone’s control, and despite spending habits of the past, they can always change today. Adeney has been featured in CNN Money, Forbes, The Economist, and more. While he won’t disclose his exact net worth, it’s estimated to be around three million and five million dollars.
  11. Tori Dunlap – After graduating college, Dunlap started an education blog with the goal of amassing one hundred thousand dollars by the time she was twenty-five. She reached that goal in 2019 and now inspires others through her brand, Her First 100k. The self-proclaimed financial feminist has made it her mission to take on the patriarchy by making women rich. Dunlap hosts the podcast Financial Feminist and runs the education platform Treasury. She influences women through her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts and her first book, the bestseller Financial Feminist, released in 2021. She is a 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree.
  12. Kevin O’Leary – Like many of today’s successful entrepreneurs, O’Leary had a big idea and zero cash. He credits his mother for teaching him financial and business insights at an early age. As a university student, he dipped in and out of some unusual and very entrepreneurial ways of making money. He rode the highs and lows until his big breakthrough came when he met a man with an idea for a software product – an idea that led him to a four-billion-dollar success. O’Leary is best known for his role as one of the sharks on Shark Tank, where he offers his knowledge on investing to wanna-be entrepreneurs. Today O’Leary’s net worth is four hundred million, and he is a strong influencer in the financial and entrepreneurial landscape.
  13. Patrice Washington – Washington had eighteen thousand dollars in credit card at twenty-two years old when she decided it was time to get to work on her finances. Strict budgeting that included cutting credit card usage led her to be debt free within two years. By the age of twenty-five, Washington had built a seven-figure real estate company. The 2007 Great Recession caused her and her husband to lose everything. Saddled with millions in debt, she and her husband worked in fast food just to have health insurance. Those hard times led Washington to start her own personal finance consulting company in 2009. Today Washington has her book series, Real Money Answers, as well as her podcast, Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington. She’s also known as the finance expert on both Steve Harvey’s radio and TV shows. Washington’s philosophy is about redefining wealth and changing one’s money mindset.
  14. Nicole Lapin – Lapin got her start in finance at the young age of eighteen when she started reporting from the floor of The Chicago Mercantile Exchange for First Business Network. She became the youngest anchor ever at CNN and claimed that title again when she went on to work at CNBC, where she anchored the only global finance show on the network, Worldwide Exchange. Simultaneously she contributed financial reports to MSNBC and Today. She currently contributes financial reports to Good Morning America and hosts a podcast on iHeart radio called Hush Money. The Author of Rich Bitch and Boss Bitch, Lapin became an instant New York Times bestselling author. Lapin teaches online classes, The Money School, The Boss School, and The Balance School. She was named “Money Expert of the Year” two years in a row and is the first-ever monthly finance columnist at Hearst Magazines.
  15. Joe Saul Sehy – Sehy learned the financial ropes from failure. After destroying his credit at a young age, he learned the hard way. After spending more than a decade as a financial advisor, he moved into media, creating the most listened-to podcast, Stacking Benjamins. His podcast was named “best personal finance podcast” by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and deemed a “great balance between fun and functional” by the magazine Fast Company.  Joe’s philosophy is that personal finance can be a lot more fun than you think.
By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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