Young scientists have a shot at $150,000 prizes

Published on October 13, 2019

Young scientists from around the world have an opportunity to get major funding to their work. The Michelson Medical Research Foundation and the Human Vaccines Project are accepting applications for the 2020 Michelson Prizes for Human Immunology and Vaccine Research through the end of October. This opportunity gives scientists the chance at receiving $150,000 prizes.

About the competition

Specifically, this annual competition is looking for scientists under the age of 35 who are working in various ways to stop the spread of major global diseases. Evaluators aren’t just looking for one kind of method. There are a number of different factors that can impact the spread of disease. This can easily include obstacles like a lack of understanding of the human immune system or the inability to develop effective vaccines. So scientists are encouraged to use whatever methods and knowledge they want to support their thought processes. The statement given says, “while the Prizes are focused on research outcomes in the fields of human immunology and vaccinology, early-career scientists across a wide array of disciplines, including clinical research, biomedicine, bioengineering, artificial intelligence/machine learning and nanotechnology, are encouraged to apply.”

To apply, head over to the Human Vaccines Project website. The deadline is on October 31.

In fact, Dr. Michelson isn’t looking for any methods seen before. Statement quoted him as saying, “The Prizes give young scientists the freedom to think outside-of-the-box and explore disruptive technologies.”

The Michelson Medical Research Foundation

The Michelson Medical Research Foundation was founded by Dr. Gary Michelson. He’s a is a board certified orthopedic spinal surgeon with a number of accolades to his name. Along with a number of awards, he’s invented close to 1,000 patents in the medical world. 

This foundation isn’t the only one he’s started. Dr. Michelson also founded Michelson Found Animals Foundation and Michelson 20MM Foundation. The former works to find pets homes and the latter increases access to higher education. Plus, Michelson Runway was founded as a next step to 20MM. It follows up on students’ access to higher education with help in their career paths.

Furthermore, Dr. Gary Michelson himself, a self-made billionaire, is funding these initiatives. This means that the prize money these young scientists receive will also be directly from Dr. Michelson. 

The Human Vaccines Project

This competition is in partnership with the Human Vaccines Project. It’s goal is to help people live longer. “The Human Vaccines Project is leveraging cutting-edge technologies to decode the human immune system,” according to its website. “[Our] scientists are working to unlock new preventions, diagnostics, and treatments for some of the world’s most devastating diseases.”

To do this, the Human Vaccines Project aims understanding the human immune system and how it works on a deeper level than current medical science can explain. This would allow vaccines to be created for all diseases. And those vaccines would be available to people all around the world. The Project aims for four things in the world’s future: 

  1. Immunotherapies for all cancers available to all cancer patients
  2. Vaccines available for all diseases available to all
  3. Finding a way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease 
  4. Avoiding the next “flu pandemic or other emerging threat”

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