20 Health and Wellness Brands For Black Women

Published on June 8, 2020

As a black woman, I’m tired of going from store to store, trying to find a product that best suits my needs. Whether it’s makeup, clothes, or hair products. I’m sick of going to stores and asking for products and employees telling me, “oh, we don’t have that product.” Honey, let me tell you what I’ve learned. This traditional white health and wellness industry isn’t going to come to us with a silver platter and be like “hey we’ve got products for you.” Honestly, we aren’t going to sit around and wait for them to do so either.

Being a black woman and going out and trying to find products for ourselves is a difficult task. Here are some beautiful black women that took it into their own hands to create health and wellness products for all the sistas out there.

Transparent Black Girl 

Transparent Black Girl is a wellness company that is breaking down those barriers of “unconventional stigmas surrounding what it means to be well for black women.”

Therapy For Black Girls

A mental health resource for all black women out there in the world. You can talk to a therapist or listen to podcasts as well.

Brown Girl Self Care

This is a platform to help black women healing from trauma. It also helps black women to prioritize self-care every day and not just once in a while. 

Manifesting Wellness

Black-owned businesses are here to break the stigma of mental and emotional health in families of color. Manifesting Wellness teaches the communities of color to take care of their mental and emotional needs.

Brown Girl Jane

A wellness and beauty collection that focuses on women of color. Founded by sisters Malaika and Nia Jones, they created Brown Girl Jane along with stye influencer Tai Beauchamp. They developed this “with the stated intention of creating a space and product line that supports approachable and realistic wellness centering women of color.” 

Black Women’s Health 

A natural organization solely dedicated to help and improve health and wellness for black women and girls.


A one-stop market place for black-owned natural products. All products are created by black artisans and are non-toxic.

Black and Well

A wellness and lifestyle publication that focuses on multitudes of health, nutrition, fitness lifestyle, and more. It “embraces what it means to be authentic mindful, revolutionary, black, and well.”


According to their social media channels, it’s “a social wellness community for black women and women of color dedicated to living well.”

Black Girl Yoga 

A platform for all the beautiful black yoga queens to come out and do some yoga. Also to express your love for yoga, and come to restore, rejuvenate, and practice self-care. 

Sistas of Yoga 

Another robust black yoga community here to show their practice of yoga to our black community. 

Black Girl In Om 

A space where black women can come and take a breather. Their vision states, “a world where women of color are liberated empowered and seen.”

Black Girls With Gardens

Who doesn’t love a little garden to lift your mood and spirit? Black Girls With Gardens is a “multicultural home and garden resource providing representation, support, inspiration, and education for black women creating green spaces.” 

The Body: A Home For Love 

A community where they shift the stigma of how black women heal from sexual trauma. 


A black-owned wellness space for POC. The goals is “shifting the culture of wellness.”

My BrownBox Community 

A space for black women to come together and be unapologetically black and celebrate womanhood.

Black Female Therapists

This puts the mental health at the forefront. Their social media says it’s “an online community focused on mental health and wellness.”

Queens Healing Queens

A safe space where women of color can speak their truth without being ignored or shut down.

Overcoming Her

A black-owned business “helping and empowering the ambitious women on “HER” journey to greatness.”

Cool Ass Black Woman 

“A safe space for black women to become vulnerable, find ways in seeing life from a different perspective, and provide support.”


Jori Ayers is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily based in Tampa, Florida. She was formerly with the editorial team at Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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